Manchin Strikes Again

Trying to boost the economy with some federally funded jobs, repair infrastructure and add supply to the nation’s electric car project are the goals of Biden’s Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act. Passing this is turning into a more difficult endeavor than anyone imagined. 50 Senators caucusing with the Left means the tie breaker goes to Vice President Kamala Harris; or does it?

Simple, non Einsteinian, math calculations mean that Sen Joe Manchin (D-R-S-?/WV), saboteur extraodinaire, can shoot down anything the Democrats want to pass, as long as the Republicans keep marching lock step together. It’s like having a one party system.

Manchin announced today that he “can’t vote” for the infrastructure bill (Time).

Can’t have a socialist revolution if the economy gets fixed. Can’t have electric cars if there is no way to charge them. Can’t have a race war for the environment while there is an effort to rectify the problem of global warming.