Another Epstein Related Event

One thing about Controllers, if you hadn’t noticed, they carry a grudge. Not only do they screw people’s minds and lives up all the way into future lifetimes like Hindu deities, they screw up your family and friends.

They also like to own their enemies. The enemies, reincarnated and brainwashed, they use for vile purposes. These guys and gals are expendable. If they get caught, and they probably will, they will be the one’s taken down. If anyone researches their past lives, which power people do, they will not find a Nazi but an enemy of them – get it?

Jeffrey Epstein was William Randolph Hearst. From the Controller’s perspective he was/is a valuable soul. He was one of the wealthiest men in the USA. He was used to being around the rich, famous and influential. As an enemy of the Third Reich he was someone they wanted to destroy. Getting them to think he was working for a greater good in the most recent lifetime meant programming him to be a socialist among other things.

Another soul they wanted was an employee of Hearst. Adela Rodgers St Johns was one of Hearst’s investigative reporters. She was renown for covering the assassination of Huey Long. She was a strong woman, influential writer and probably would have become someone standing up for women’s rights in this life time.

Fromm, still calling himself Rommel, wanted to intimidate the town where she was being raised (Boulder CO) and try to place the blame on his son. He didn’t accomplish all of this but did succeed in acquiring her. She will be prevented from becoming a feminist writer who may influence society in a way the Controllers don’t like.

Adela Rodgers St Johns’ reincarnation.

Adela Rodgers St Johns

On the left is the birth chart of Adela Rodgers St Johns, a renowned writer. She wrote novels, screenplays, and was a journalist employed by William Randolph Hearst (see Case Study 7). She was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 1970. She covered the 1935 trial of Bruno Hauptmann who was convicted for the murder of Charles LIndburgh’s son. She was noted for her coverage of the assassination of Huey Long. Long was a Louisiana politician known for backing the rights of black and impoverished people and standing against corporate interests, in particular Standard Oil.

She passed away in 1988. She would have been someone to talk to, having lived through the rise of the Third Reich. Her awareness would have given her the ability to recognize similar events and give an accounting of them.

John Benet Ramsey

On the right is the birth chart of JonBenet Ramsey. JonBenet was a child beauty contestant who was found dead in her family’s home in Boulder, Colorado under suspicious circumstances in 1996. The case hasn’t been solved. There is the family theory, that either her father John or her brother Burke had been involved. There is also the unknown intruder theory; that someone entered unnoticed and killed her. The Controllers involved intimidated the aware who reside in the area (see Case Study 13). They probably took her soul to Mordor where she can be reprogrammed and used by Controllers in a way that would not encourage feminism. Today, she would be around 22 years old.

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