Epstein Links v1.2

A bit of explanation is needed. The last post shows the links between Epstein and Fromm the liar who parades his gigantic self around and says he was Rommel. Fromm was trying to intimidate some of the Santa Fe people morning before last saying he had dirt on some of them from the Epstein days. It was pointed out Fromm no longer had infiltrators installed in the FBI and any film of trysts with young girls was out of Fromm’s reach.

That’s why I’m on a Epstein tear, Fromm controlled, probably indirectly, Jeffrey Epstein. Getting leverage on Richardson who was then the head of the Department of Energy emboldened Fromm to attempt to make his beloved Iranian project a nuclear power. Fromm wants a new Cold War that he runs both sides of and to nuke Israel so no one can figure out he’s Pimp Daddy Abraham. To do that he needed to provide Iran with technology to build a workable warhead. The tech was in LANL.

In 2002 Fromm was again very upset because he didn’t get a big marshal law lock up all the non whites and the psychics for a good old fashioned witch burning/jew gassing session. He had put his heart into making that happen.

The steps Fromm and his goons took are as follows.

First he had someone one of his handlers was guiding get a job placement in the National Labs. This would be easy with the head of the DOE on the hook if any hitches in getting the desired appointment were encountered.

He had the puppet sell the information to China in case of discovery of the theft to wealthy influential political psychics (modern equivalent of royalty). The theft was found out and reported by Santa Fe psychics. Fromm’s story? If a new cold war starts between China and the US people will go back to being obedient and we (meaning Fromm and his buddies in Mordor) tell Xi Jinping what to do. It’s all under control, heh heh.

The Controllers have always allowed the royalty to believe they were in charge. See the Strange Battle for the Castel Itter. Today they do as they please but pretend to build a consensus with the influential. It’s all rigged; an act for the masses. The performers will get screwed if they go against the emperor.

The theft of technology and it’s destination was hidden by a shell game reminiscent of the Iran Contra affair. The tech was also provided to Iran through North Korea. The patsy used was a guy with a Chinese last name. Unfortunately for Fromm he was Taiwanese. Wen Ho Lee was exonerated but the investigation stopped there. The real culprit, handled and from Mordor, was never apprehended. Imagine that!