The Real White Supremacists

The average white supremacist, the one’s with the swastika tattoos that go to rallies and such, are easy to read. You know what you’re going to get from them. You know what they will say and do before they do it.

The one’s who are educated and politically savvy are far more dangerous. They have jobs as police men, doctors, lawyers, ceos, politicians and military officers. Some are connected and extremely wealthy. They don’t use racist epitaphs, at least not in public. They dress well and speak well. They use subtle manipulations to forward their agenda.

The racists who rape people on the other side are such people. They say it’s for the environment and claim to be leftists. They accuse their enemies of racism, and do everything they can to paint that picture. They are twisted and loyal. Fromm, the one who claims he is Rommel, is their figurehead. They try to support him in his lies.

The regular racists, the one’s with the tattoos, don’t realize the educated ones are socialists. Their plan for world domination includes the destruction of democracy. They seek to either turn the US into a socialist country under their rule or destroy her. They will attempt to do this while they are still here in their current lifetime.

If they cannot destroy the US they will weaken the democracy and strengthen Marxist nations. They have been helping to export technology, particularly the military type, to China, North Korea, Iran and the Russian Federation. North Korea has been making bounding strides in it’s development of nuclear missiles because it’s been getting it’s tech from the US via zombies controlled from Mordor. If their agents are discovered their true handlers will not be the one’s taking the blame.

The other thing the run of the mill racists don’t know; the Controllers want to kill them after use. They want to make sure these commoners are properly programmed. They will be disarmed, as will everyone else, after their uprising creates a government crackdown

Fromm is in dutch with the generals. He installed the Ayatollah Khomeini and provided him with the means to begin a nuclear program. The generals know this to be true. He’s screwed them in some other ways as well. To buy his way back into their favor, and divert people from the real election rigging that happened in 2016, he stumped for the Jan 6th protests. He got Trump to do the same by handling him. The upshot was now those QAnon types have been photographed and identified. Liberals shouldn’t smirk, their boy AG William Barr sent security contractors to identify protesters of interest in Portland OR in a similar manner.

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