Who Handled Hitler?

There’s a rule among the Controllers about the souls they own. They consider them property and keep them as lifetimes progress. That is to say they take them with to their next time.

This can be observed through Friedrich Fromm and his staff members. Fromm’s staff members were the prime movers behind the assassination attempt against Hitler know as the July 20 plot. Fromm was a controller. The way we know that is he was allowed to live for 9 months after his staff members were executed. This gave him a chance to control their souls before they reincarnated. He could program them to fear/love him before he was also executed.

That Fromm was a controller also means he has been largely ignored by history. This is by design. Fromm was the general officer in charge of the “Replacement Army” encamped in Germany proper. If the assassination had succeeded Fromm would have a very good chance at being the new leader.

Hitler was not a controller. Controllers do not stand on podiums and risk being assassinated themselves. They do not want to take the blame for activities history will remember next time. Hitler could not run for office this time for instance, he looks exactly the same, sans the mustache. The people who really rule our world know about reincarnation.

The question is who was Hitler’s Controller? Who Handled Hitler?

To answer this we can look at the activities of Controllers in this lifetime. Fromm, claiming to be Rommel, handled the Ayatollah Khomeini. While working in Saudi Arabia he led the Ayatollah through the consolidation phase of his takeover of Iran. During this time there were mass executions, particularly of those who helped create the Iranian Revolution in the first place. Those people were “doers” and tyrants will rid themselves of them as soon as they are through being useful. Doers are a threat.

Fromm also handled George Bush Jr, as we know from him prancing around demanding the invasion of Iraq after 9/11. Iraq didn’t have anything to do with 9/11 but does have a Shia Majority, a fine addition to the Shia Empire being created by Fromm. Once Saddam Hussein‘s Sunni Ba’athists were removed from power.

The DC Snipers were handled by Fromm and Co. They met and were guided to hatch their plot in Bellingham WA, Fromm’s stomping grounds until 2016. Handling Muslims is a bit of a trick. The religion was designed to prevent outsiders from playing Allah, or technically the Angel Gabriel as Allah is unknowable. The handler must be able to speak Arabic and have familiarity with the Koran.

It is fairly obvious Fromm handled Hitler. Hitler believed, as did many around him, he was being led by God. His handler was Fromm, sitting in his office in Berlin. Once the ugly consolidation phase and elimination of Jews was over, Fromm would have Hitler executed like Hussein. Then he would have become the “benevolent” new leader of the German Empire.

Things turned south for the Nazi armies with the Battle of Stalingrad (February 1943). The Germans were on the retreat. They gave a last ditch effort during the Battle for Kursk (August 1943) and failed to stop the Soviet advance. The Italian Army had been removed from the war with the Allied invasion (September 1943).

D Day landings in June of 1944 put the coffin nails in place. By July of 44 (the month of the attempt on Hitler’s life) the Allies beachhead was secured. Fromm must have panicked and decided to put the last phase of his initial plan into motion prematurely. He had his boys attempt to assassination of Hitler. If successful Fromm could have taken direct control, painted himself to be a hero and negotiated a peace agreement.

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