There are two important takeaways from yesterday’s post.

Controller’s regard the people (souls) they own as their property and generally respect each other in that regard. They take those souls with them to the next life. Sometimes the subjects go willingly; samurai committing seppuku to follow their master. Sometimes the subjects are murdered or led to their death in a war for instance. If the subject were to be born at an inconvenient time and/or place they might be led to the Controller’s domain to be retaken. Controllers like to be older than their subjects.

Controllers generally do not take positions of leadership or authority in societies or rebel movements. They control other’s (preferably loyal souls) and guide/assist them to those positions. They handle or have them handled for use toward their goals. They do not normally risk their safety.

We can use this knowledge to get some good intel. One of Wesley Allan Dodd’s victims was Lee Joseph Iseli. Dodd’s career as a soul harvester was over after this target was taken. In Iseli’s prior lifetime he was Udo Von Worysch. Worysch was a loyal Nazi who worked for Himmler. Worysch was raped and killed by the zombie Dodd so he could be reassigned a family and brought up to serve his old master.

Was Himmler a Controller? Hard to say, but probably not. Himmler wasn’t exactly low profile. If not, whomever was Himmler’s controller was also Worysch’s. Himmler and his Controller if he has one live in Mordor.

This is helpful information because Fromm (who calls himself Rommel) also lives in Mordor. Fromm was Karl Marx and Himmler was Friedrich Engels.

This is Udo Von Worysch

Udo Von Worysch
Lee Joseph Iseli

On the left is the chart of Udo Von Worysch (24 July 1895 – 14 January 1983) first commander of the SS-Oberabschnitt Südost. A convicted war criminal held responsible for “The Night of the Long Knives.” He was very close to Heinrich Himmler and Reinhard Heydrich. He served time for war crimes and died in 1983.

On the right is the chart of Lee Joseph Iseli (29 January, 1985 – 30 October 1989) third victim of Wesley Allan Dodd (Case Study 4). Worysch was such a high value target Dodd’s controller risked and lost him in the acquisition of Worysch’s soul. Worysch, now with a new name, is about a 30 years old zombie. Dodd probably would not have been caught if he had stayed on his side of the river.