More Clues

Wesley Allan Dodd‘s (yesterday) other victims can give us more information. Controller’s do not like rock n roll. At least not as it currently stands. They take over souls they do not like and bend them to their own purposes. They did this to Dodd and presumably they will be creating music to praise Karl Marx in the future.

Dodd’s Controller wanted to collect a Nazi subject’s soul and these two rock n rollers.

Dodd’s first two victims were Cole and WIlliam Neer,

Keith Reif
Cole Neer

On the left is the chart of Keith Reif (22 March 1943 ā€“ 12 May 1976). Reif was lead singer of the Yardbirds. A sixties band that sported talent like Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page and Eric Clapton. He died in his basement of electrocution while playing his guitar at the age of 33.

On the right is the chart of Cole Laverne Neer (11 Jun 1978 – 4 Sep 1989 at age 11), first victim of Wesley Alan Dodd Wesley Dodd was serial rapist and murderer who victimized boys in and near Vancouver WA.

Marc Bolan

William “Billy” Neer

On the left is the chart of Marc Bolan (30 September 1947 ā€“ 16 September 1977) , lead singer of the band T. Rex. Bolan was a British singer/songwriter inducted into the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame in 2020. Marc died in a car crash at the age of 29.

On the right is the chart of WIlliam Neer (8 May 1979 – 4 September 1989 aged 10). William was the brother of Cole Neer and was the second victim of Wesley Alan Dodd.

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