Libya, Syria and Vlad

Islamic State of Iraq in the Levant (ISIS or ISIL) is an apocalyptic cult (The Guardian) that arose from the rearrangement of Iraqi society following the US invasion during the Second Gulf War. Originally the country was run by Saddam Hussein<<< and his Arab Socialist Ba’athist Party. Hussein was a Sunni Muslim and his government and military were dominated by members of this faith. Iraq’s population has a Shi’ite majority. The introduction of democracy brought about the rule of Shi’ites as planned. Iraq was intended to be a new addition to Fromm‘s (King of the Neo Cons and calling himself Rommel) Shi’ite Empire started by the Ayatollah Khomeini<<<.

The disaffected Sunni military officers and men fell in with the new ISIS cult, adding their knowledge and weapons. They seek to carve out a new Caliphate based on apocalyptic prophecies in the Koran. Their leader must enforce strict Islam, if not he is executed and another appointed. If the leader falls he is immediately replaced.

Like any successful cult the leaders are being Guided or Handled. They believe they are talking to a representative of a higher power. The power may be believed to be God or Allah, Satan, Space Aliens etc. They are actually talking to an out of body Controller or a servant Handler.

Some unsuccessful leaders are Guided or Handled as well – on a course of self destruction. Two examples are Fred Hampton and Ross Perot. It is important to understand that if psychic powers exist, anyone in a position of real power has this ability. Anyone who didn’t would be outmaneuvered and loose that position

Handling a religiously educated Muslim is no easy feat. One must have knowledge of the Koran and the ability to speak Arabic. This is by design. There are some in Mordor ( the Fiefdom of Fromm) who know how to Handle Muslims as demonstrated by the DC Snipers.

We also know (see this recent post) Fromm and his cohorts have been assisting (and Guiding) President for life Vlad Putin<<<.

ISIL inconveniently interfered in the Syrian Civil War. The US backed Free Syrian Army was making gains against Russian backed Bashir al-Assad<<< and his Socialist Ba’athists. When ISIL began operating in Syria they affected a stalemate; an answer to Putin’s desire to keep his ally and navy base in Tartus.