Where Do the Souls Go?

Where do the harvested souls go? A better question is where do the Controllers put them? Initially they are taken away to be isolated and programmed. That is to say they rape them, men and women, and teach them to fear their “masters.” It is exactly like a re-education camp, that’s where the idea comes from. The men running this “camp” are living and out of body. The end result is known as Stockholm Syndrome.

The souls that are programmed are then put into the population. They will not remember the time before their birth in this next incarnation. As they live this next life they will have a subconscious recognition of fascist sorcerers from the time between lifetimes. They will not have a conscious recognition.

The situation will cause them to act in certain ways toward them. If they are a teacher and one of the fascists is a student they will allow them to cheat on tests or ignore their absences. If they are an employer and the fascists is an employee they will be allowed to get away with bad behavior. Women will be easy to come by as will money and promotions to power. With the help of wealthy white supremacist cultists this becomes even easier.

Souls harvested currently, say from mass murders, diseases, and wars, will be put into a society the Controllers plan on reincarnating into. One of these societies is Russia.

Remember, All have sinned and come short of the glory of God, but the screams are really just souls being programmed.

It’s always been like a dystopian novel. In the future it will be a socialist surveillance state where the government decides everyone’s fate and psychology is the new religion. In the past it was theocracies with sorcerer kings worshiped as living gods or theocratic confederacies of autocratic states. The future planned is by the same fascist kings, priests and nobility.