Attacking Nuclear Plants Is Uncool

What could possibly be the point of attacking a nuclear power plant with tanks (CNBC)? As Ukraine’s President Zelensky pointed out, the tanks have thermal imaging equipment, they knew what they were shooting at. CNBC likes to say the Russians behind the attacks are “rogue elements.” Does anyone really think there is such a thing as a rogue Russian military unit. The rogue units are the ones surrendering not the ones shooting at nuclear power plants.

There are mercenary and special units working for Russia in the Ukraine. Zelensky has survived three assassination attempts in the last week (New York Post). If there is a unit attacking a power plant I’d have to say it’s a special ops group.

As pointed out before there is a personality comparison we can make with Vlad Putin‘s << actions. As with other fascists operators he’s been directed toward taking over Russia since birth. This includes his activities in support of the Red Army Faction as a KGB agent. If we compare Nazi Germany’s takeover of Czechoslovakia we find a disturbing match. Using the excuse of protecting German speakers in the country, Hitler took over the Sudentland. Later he used the area to launch a full scale takeover.

This means Hitler and Putin have the same Handler. The ones out of their bodies controlling people don’t risk their own asses by being the guy giving speeches. Hitler’s controller was Fromm. When Viktor Yanukovich was removed from office by the Ukraine parliament in 2014 Fromm got angry and had Putin invade the Crimea and Donbass; less than a month later. There were no repercussions, the US was involved in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Just like the Nazi invasion of Poland Fromm incorrectly assumed there would be no repercussions with a full scale invasion of Ukraine. Fromm got called out in the 4th D and basically bragged about it.

Fromm’s other problem is Putin’s assault bogged down. It hasn’t been a clean simple sweep. The world has rallied around Ukraine. The ruble is crashing. Central European countries are upping their military spending; they will be more sophisticated and mobile soon. Those countries will also now be more likely to want to join NATO. The Nazis hate NATO.

The other event that may tie into the assault on the nuclear facility is the earlier occupation of Chernobyl. Why would the Russians want to take over that power plant? The place is closed down, the soil contains high levels of radioactive elements from the disaster in 1986.

There are two dark possibilities; neither, either or both could be true.

One is that Fromm has really dicked this up, and was warned by his son before hand what the results may be. His son was trying to discourage him. He has screwed up the new Empire they’ve been trying to build for their next life. Because of his unwillingness to give up he may have called for the attack (which resulted in a fire) to goad the West into a war. Fromm and Co have tried to create a large war before. The winner in all out war between Russia and NATO would be the People’s Republic of China, another Marxist nation.

The other is that Fromm didn’t do his homework and realize there are no available fuel rods in Chernobyl. Any radioactive material is locked up in a cement casing of the out of control core. He was laughed at for thinking there would be any usable material. There are fuel rods stored at the Zaporizhzhia plant. Some (about 54Kg) could be used to create a crude bomb for another terrorist attack. It would be untraceable unless Ukraine were to retake the plant and count the fuel. Zombie terrorists could be supplied the material and guided to commit another attack.