Who Handles Putin?

President for Life Vlad Putin is being used by his Handler to do the will of the same guy Adolf Hitler was being Handled by.

  • Hitler’s excuse for invading sections of Czechoslovakia are the same as the one used by Putin to invade sections of Ukraine.
  • They both eventually took over the countries they had promised not to invade.
  • They both will be faces of evil in history books while the man behind their activities, out of body, will try to appear to be a fatherly conservative.

We know Hitler and Putin are not the same person because of their birth charts and physical appearance. They are high level servants.

Who is the one in charge then?

Friedrich Fromm (who calls himself Rommel but is really Phil in this life) went to Saudi Arabia for work and guided the Ayatollah Khomeini, helping him take over Iran. He was assisted by someone who drove the Shah of Iran to take his repression too far which naturally created a back lash. He was also assisted by someone out of body playing the part of democrat who convinced Carter to help Khomeini return from exile in France. They are all from Mordor.

Remember when Phil was prancing around Northern CA while his son was camped out declaring that a limited nuclear war would be a good thing “for the environment.” Kind of like his “race war” was supposed to be?

Putin invaded Donbass and Crimea within a month of the ouster of Viktor Yanukovich, by Ukraine’s parliament. He pulled a similar manipulation for another soul planted and assisted to the position of dictator in Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko. See Ukraine Invasion Simplified.

The attempt on Hitler’s life, the July 20 plot, was carried out by Fromm’s staff. It was intended that Fromm would kill Hitler after using him to do the “dirty work” of killing Jews and undesirables so they could be brought up in their next life as good little white socialists. At some point, after the wars were fought and the new German Empire was established, Hitler would have been assassinated and Fromm, commander of the military forces in Germany itself, would naturally have become the new King.

There is no way an Imam in the desert of Iraq (or anywhere else) knows the out of body guy convincing him in Arabic he’s an angel of Allah is actually some rich white guy who rapes dead (and alive out of body) people in the ass. It even works as a cover in their home country.

Because of the D Day landings Fromm decided to go ahead with the plan in a last ditch effort to salvage everything. Fromm would then have taken over and sued for peace, blaming the holocaust on Hitler and becoming the ruler. The attempt failed so he executed his staff to cover his ass instead. See The Real Valkyries. Fromm was allowed to live long enough to pull a John Wayne Gacey on his staff’s souls so they would work for him next (actually this) time. It worked.

It is obvious Fromm and his Cohorts are behind the current actions of Putin, at no risk to themselves.