Vlad is Still a Chump

Ole Vlad Putin <<< adventurism into Ukraine is not going well. His troops are bogged down and morale is low. They don’t want to assault fellow Slavs and kill their children. What’s a dictator to do? Russia is starting to lash out with rocket attacks against convoys and cities. The whole thing is starting to smell of desperation. Vlad has even appealed to China for economic and military assistance in it’s ill advised attack on innocent people. We’ll see what Xi does.

One of the problems with Vlad is he is really a dedicated Marxist. Back in his KGB days he was supplying and directing efforts of the Red Army Faction (Grunge). US troops in West Germany were attacked by them. Even the Munich Olympics Massacre has been linked to his influence with Ulrike Meinhoff.

What Vlad doesn’t see is the Marxist gods of Mordor helping him out are really just using him to further their own agenda. He’ll go into the history books as the asshole while they settle in to their new digs; Russia. He’ll be lucky to be in a position of power in future lifetimes. It would be like Hitler reincarnating and running for office – his appearance will ensure that’s not going to happen.

My advice to Vlad; send the troops home, offer some land on the Russian side of the border to the separatists, go to your beach front home, smoke a joint and sit in the jacuzzi. Resign and enjoy the rest of this life.