Kiss The Sky

In yesterday’s post we saw how the fascist Controllers brainwashed an enemy then used him to do some soul harvesting. His targets were rock n rollers. But why? What do Controllers want with musicians?

The answer – it’s just burning witches at the stake, as usual. The targeted individuals, children in this case, had been aware. They knew who they had been because they can do charts and may have had something to do with their early deaths.

The ease by which someone becomes aware has to do with repetitive lifetimes. People can relearn their past psychic skills more rapidly because of latent memory. Having someone raped and killed, burned at the stake, stoned to death, killed in a war or gassed in the chambers puts a memory block in the victim. Circumcision of a child does the same thing. These are the strategies Controllers use to stay on top and beat down competition.

They can do more impressive things, including convincing people they are gods, because they keep the competition suppressed. They accomplish this by manipulating politics and religion, and through brainwashing.

What will (did) the fascists do with Keith Reif and Marc Bolan? Possibly program them to sing praises to Phil or perhaps keep them out of the way. They brought them to their home in Mordor so they could keep their souls controlled. The former is more likely.

There is a lot of psychology quackery going on. It sticks because they write lies prolificly. Psychology is the new religion of Marxism. Notice how psychology papers do not talk about reincarnation. I guarantee you the ones originating this nonsense know all about it.

We can see some political links the Controllers have today by comparing another case of a rock n roller they harvested.

Jimi Hendrix

This is the chart of Jimi Hendrix (Johnny Allen Hedrix November 27, 1942 – September 18, 1970). He was one of the most influential guitarists that ever lived. His style and music is still emulated. He had numerous hits and was inducted into the Rock and Roll hall of fame. He died in St Mary Abbots Hospital in London of drug induced asphyxia (drowning).

Dustin Higgs

This is the chart of Dustin Higgs (March 10, 1972 – January 16, 2021). Higgs was the last person executed by the Trump administration. Attorney General William Barr‘s<<< DOJ appealed a stay of his execution to the Supreme Court and the way was cleared to carry out the sentence. The rush to execute prisoners before Biden takes office was unusual. It would not have been possible without the Neo Con appointments to the Supreme Court. Justice Sonia Sotomayor;s scathing dissenting opinion can be read in the Business Insider. See this related post.

Higgs was sentenced to death for his involvement in the murder of three young women in 1996. The actual shooter, Willis Haynes negotiated for life in prison by testifying against Higgs. The other man in the vehicle, Victor Gloria, negotiated a 7 year sentence (down from 15) as an accessory by testifying against Higgs. They said in court that he had ordered the killings. Both later recanted their statements.

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