Another Programmed Harvester

This is another guy who angered the “gods.” He’d been around them for a few lifetimes. He got reprogrammed to become a soul harvester (doing the Controller’s dirty work) as punishment for opposing the Nazis. If you want to see what happened to some of his victims, highly suggest, read Lewinski and Levy; Zombies in Politics under related.

Joseph Ignace Guillotine

Joseph Ignace Guillotine (28 May 1738 – 26 March 1814) was a french physician, politician and Freemason who played a role in the French Revolution. Although he was against capital punishment he felt the machine invented for beheading built by Tobias Schmidt and Antoine Louis was a more humane way of execution. He argued for it’s use for all classes of people sentenced during “The Reign of Terror.” The machine was then, through popular use, called the “guillotine.” Sort of ironic. He spent years afterward arguing against the death penalty. He was also one of the first physicians to accept Edward Jenner’s discovery of the vaccine and was the head of the French Central Vaccination Committee. It is mistakenly believed he himself was beheaded with the machine; dying instead of old age in 1814 (75 years).

Jose Amador de los RIos

This is Jose Amador de los Rios (30 April 1818 – 17 February 1878), a Spanish historian. He studied and wrote of the medieval literature of Spain, until then largely regarded as backwards. In particular he wrote about the pre-Inquistion period and writings of Spanish Jews in his “Historia social, política y religiosa de los judíos de España,” He did not, however, condemn the Spanish Inquisition that saw forced conversions of Jews and Muslims. He didn’t want piss off Phil.

Carl Frederich Goerdeler

This is the chart of Carl Frederich Goerdeler (31 July 1884 – 2 February 1945). He was a politician; member of the German National People’s Party. He studied law and economics in university. After the July 20, 1944 plot to assassinate Hitler he was arrested, tried by the Gestapo and hung. He was considered an enemy of the NAZI party.

Ted Bundy

This man is Ted Bundy. Ted Bundy was a notorious serial killer. Bundy studied law at the University of Puget Sound, He did not receive a degree but acted as his own legal counsel for his trial. He confessed to 30 murders in the Northwest but the total is believed to be higher. The details of his crimes are gruesome and disturbing; this guys mind was messed up. Some of his escapades he claims to have no memory of at all; just lost time. His victims would undoubtedly be programmed as well (see Case Study 33). That is the point of stoning women to death, inquisitions and holocausts in the first place. Maybe they would meet an “Epstein” next time around.