Sorcery Stuff For Those Who Know

The Controllers use a time tested way of organizing themselves. The boss is the one who all the others assist. If the boss does something wrong, one of the others will take the blame. If there is a unseemly task deemed necessary; a dark one will do it. The boss might do it but will do it as a dark one or possess someone else. The one doing the dirty work is called the Controllers MF in common slang.

They work in pairs and will pretend to be opponents. If they are working someone’s mind it’s a good cop bad cop – god satan type of game. The one who plays good cop will appear as a white energy giant. The white energy is gained through vampirism.

To take energy away from a real white soul they simply ride on the person and drain their energy. They can manipulate the victims center. They open the “battery” at the root and let them take in energy while draining it around himself or, more commonly, around their buddy Controller. Generally whomever’s center is lower will take in chi.

This is one of the reasons the Controllers want to own those who generate white energy. To accomplish this they will kill that person and take their soul to their domain. They prefer to have them reincarnate in their own family. A family they can easily control might also be chosen. They abuse and intimidate the white soul individual and keep them from making it. In this way they can use them for energy and ensure they do not interfere with their plans.

It explains Karl Marx’s infatuation with his daughters. Understand what you think is a being of light may not be.

This is an example of a harvested white soul, stolen and taken to Mordor.

Adela Rodgers St Johns

On the left is the birth chart of Adela Rodgers St Johns, a renowned writer. She wrote novels, screenplays, and was a journalist employed by William Randolph Hearst (see Case Study 7). She was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 1970. She covered the 1935 trial of Bruno Hauptmann who was convicted for the murder of Charles LIndburgh’s son. She was noted for her coverage of the assassination of Huey Long. Long was a Louisiana politician known for backing the rights of black and impoverished people and standing against corporate interests, in particular Standard Oil.

She passed away in 1988. She would have been someone to talk to, having lived through the rise of the Third Reich. Her awareness would have given her the ability to recognize similar events and give an accounting of them.

John Benet Ramsey

On the right is the birth chart of JonBenet Ramsey. JonBenet was a child beauty contestant who was found dead in her family’s home in Boulder, Colorado under suspicious circumstances in 1996. The case hasn’t been solved. There is the family theory, that either her father John or her brother Burke<< had been involved. There is also the unknown intruder theory; that someone entered unnoticed and killed her. The Controllers involved intimidated the aware who reside in the area (see Case Study 13). They probably took her soul to their fiefdom.