More Soul Harvesting

In yesterday’s post we talked about the harvesting of souls. Controllers, as described in Vedic texts, can put souls where they want them. First they kill the person and program the soul. Then they are put where they can be controlled. Basically in Mordor.

Jimmy Dean
Joshua Vallow

On the left is the birth chart of Jimmy Dean. Dean was a country music singer/song writer. actor, and the maker of fine breakfast sausage. He is known for hits like “Big John” (1961) and “PT 109” (1962). PT 109 was the boat commanded by John F Kennedy during WWII. Dean also hosted the “The Jimmy Dean Show” where Jim Henson made his debut.

On the right is the birth chart of Joshua Vallow, found murdered along with his sister Tylee Vallow ( see case study 20). The children’s mother has been arrested and her husband, Chad Daybell (author) is under investigation.