Playing Chess Against Themselves

An hidden oligarchy controlling both sides of a conflict will always come out on top. The Iran Iraq war is an example. That was conflict led by Saddam Hussein and the Ayatollah Khomeini. Both were socialists, yet Hussein was a Ba’athist Sunni and Khomeini a Shi’ite.

What did they gain? Nothing in terms of land. They did get to purge their societies of people. People who would be reborn, and therefore re-educated, in the “new” versions of those societies.

To turn a democracy into a dictatorship controlling every movement (pay attention Q types) that has the potential for power is a necessity. We are talking about a plethora of religious, economic and political affiliations.

Their strategy is to turn people against their government. Sowing distrust is accomplished with infiltrators in the government who act under direction from outside. The ATF did not call George Bush Sr for permission before they served their warrant in Waco. The FBI agents who trespassed at Ruby Ridge were not acting under orders from their agency. The former event was to be blamed on the incoming Democrat Bill Clinton. Bush Sr helped Clinton with the event in Waco after the inauguration and appeared on TV with him. He knew what was going on.

Marx and the socialists do not like religion. Religions are full of stories of them playing god(s).

Imagine them controlling two sides of a civil war based on Christianity. Some of them would lead radical social liberals and others would take roles as radical religious leaders. Each leader would make their side more radical and appear more ridiculous to the other side. Acts of terror by zombies could be created from both sides.

After their “war,” when the dust settled, they could rise to power with an “I told you so” statement. “Religion is no good,” they will say, “Socialism is the only answer.” The dead wold reincarnate as children in a socialist country and not know the difference. Kind of dystopian isn’t it.

Don’t fall for it. Freedom of religion is the best way.