Suffer the Children

We can see that in Mordor killing children to harvest their souls has been going on for a while. For background read Phil Don’t Like No Rock N Roll and The Interesting Case of the Female Writers and the Related Links for the examples. They have grown more powerful over this lifetime and expanded their operations outside their region.

The owner of 8chan Jim Watkins, while residing in Washington State (Evolution of QAnon) hijacked QAnon. The blame for a child murdering cult was aimed at the Clinton’s and a pizza parlor. Ridiculous, but in line with the lies of the fascist Controllers.

Lies, false allegations and mental manipulation are the tools of Phil and his NW fascists. A terrorist attack on a mosque by a guy claiming to be a QAnon supporter failed to destroy the movement. Phil got jealous because the movement was more popular over the attempt. So, he took over the movement using Watkins. In the end he used the Jan 6 to get them in the spotlight for the NSA.

Fromm had gotten himself in trouble with some wealthy people turning QAnon racist and using it as a power base. He made a deal by selling out the Qtypes. Phil and his buddies had also been manipulating the Neo Cons; they created that movement in the first place.