Making Themselves Holy

To make themselves look holy the fascist Controller MFs like to vampire energy from white light energy souls. They do this by killing the light energy person and putting their souls to be reborn in a local area (read the Vedas). Sometimes they are put in the family of a MF.

The child will probably be abused (often sexually) to psychologically prevent them from leaving the region. This serves the dual purpose of preventing their having impact on society and making themselves appear as white light energy souls; or Holy.

The Controllers of Mordor do not like feminism or women’s lib. They have convinced the Gumby brain people that rape is a form of sexual liberation. They have been in hot pursuit of the souls of feminist writers with light energy.

Amanda Knox <<<is a woman from Seattle, WA. While an exchange student studying in Italy she was arrested and convicted in connection with the death of Meredith Kercher<<<. Also convicted was her then boyfriend Raffaelle Sollecito and, in a separate trial, Rudy Guede. Guede’s fingerprints and bloody palm print had been found on sheets near the body. Knox and Sollecito were exonerated in 2015.

The Italian prosecutor alleged Satanic rites, occult sex activity and ritual killings to be the cause of death. Where did he come up with that? Maybe he was having visions of Knox and Sollecito partaking in Satanic rites? Hell, maybe the whole town was. He started a media circus of character assassination. He succeeded in getting Knox and Sollecito convicted in 2009. They had been in jail since Kercher’s death in 2007. The world press considered the conviction a farce. The evidence did not point to the pair and the grandiose stories of Satan worship by the prosecution was viewed as kangaroo court tactics.

In 2011 the Italian Appellate Court overturned the conviction. Knox and Sollecito were released. The Italian Supreme Court ordered a retrial and in 2014 and found them guilty. The ruling was appealed and they were again exonerated in 2015. Don’t go to Italy.

Knox now resides in Washington State. Whoever wanted her soul to come back succeeded. Kercher’s soul will be there for her next (actually present) life as well.

Knox became an author and activist for the rights of the accused. She made appearances for the Innocence Project. Her case has been the subject of five documentaries and she has published at least four books.

Did you know? Both of Karl Marx’s daughters committed suicide. One of them he called his “hottentot;” a 19th century reference to a woman with elongated labia. The other he called Qui Qui the Empress of China.

This is the case of a feminist writer harvested and taken away to Mordor. Her death was meant to intimidate the local aware populace.

Susan Sontag
Victoria Martens

On the left is the chart of Susan Sontag. Sontag was one of our nations most controversial and influential leftist and feminist writers. She was an avowed anti-communist. She was also a friend of Salman Rushdie, a British Indian writer. His novel, The Satanic Verses (1988), was the subject of a major controversy, provoking protests from Muslims in several countries and the issuance of a fatwah by the Ayatollah Khomeini (Case Study 31). The Satanic Verses in the Koran refer to two female deities that are supposed to be admired. The verses are considered by main stream Islam to have been put in the Prophet’s head by Satan and are not to be discussed.

Sontag was against the rape going on during Fromm‘s big psychic shit show in 1994-95 in the Pacific Northwest. They’ve been trying to play it off / blame it on other people and other places ever since.

On the right is the chart of Victoria Martens. Victoria on her 10th birthday was raped and stabbed to death by a friend of her mother. The details are sordid. Acts against a target like this can be used to intimidate those who are aware residing in the area (see Case Study 8 and (Case Study 33). Persons in the state of NM were also outspoken against Fromm’s psychic shit show. The guys using dark energy are rich white guys. they used to blame everything they did on black people.