Sandinistas, Reagan and Marx

In 1978 when Fromm ( who calls himself Rommel) was working in Saudi Arabia, the Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini took over Iran. He had been assisted in a return from exile in France by the Carter administration. The president and his staff had been convinced Khomeini would be a peaceful spiritual leader that would pull the country back from chaos.

The Shah, under pressure from the Shia clerics, had suspended the constitution. This compounded his problems. The rest of society was demonstrating against his martial law declaration. Khomeini’s return facilitated a full blown revolution. It resulted in the ouster of the Pahlavis and the implementation of the first modern Shia, socialist theocracy. Conveniently, the Ayatollah got to be the new boss.

Another result was the Reagan victory over Carter in the elections. The giant Fromm (calling himself Rommel) liked to tout that. Why? Because he and his buddies from Mordor convinced Carter to assist Khomeini and guided the latter through his victory. They also helped him conduct his subsequent cleansing of Iran’s infidels.

When quizzed why putting him in charge of Iran was a good idea the giants said it was convenient to have a nation under thumb that appeared as an enemy. They dreamed up the Iran Contra plan. Money could be laundered to support the Contras. They were a Nicaraguan revolutionary group in opposition to the socialist Sandanista government. Congress had made further funding of the Contras against the law because of their violent acts against citizens in Nicaragua.

What Reagan and his administration didn’t understand was the giant who calls himself Rommel is really Fromm. Fromm is a socialist = THE socialist. Fromm didn’t want the Sandinistas to be overthrown, and they weren’t. Watching the steadfast loyalty of Oliver North to the giant is sadly laughable. The man who blew the lid off the Iran Contra Scandal was Mehdi Hashemi of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard. He had the same god as Ollie did.

The Controllers deceive by acting a part to gain confidence. Eventually they sabotage their target. They pass the buck to one of their colleagues who is acting a different part. Alternatively they claim it as an accident or bumble. Fromm pretends to be a conservative, others pretend to be liberal. They are socialists with their own world agenda. Their agenda does not include a world with democracy.

Getting people in the US to distrust their government is a fascist goal. They had hoped to overthrow the US with the support of disillusioned masses. Creating disillusionment against any president, democrat or republican, is to advance their goals. It doesn’t matter to them what standard the masses fly, they will be the ones in charge when the dust settles.

Playing both sides against the middle is what they do. It’s audacious they conned the Neo Cons into using their method – and then sabotaged them.

This is the Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, put into Iran in 1902 by a Controller in his past life

George Ernest Boulanger

This is the death chart of Georges Ernest Boulanger (29 April 1837 – 30 September 1891), nicknamed Général Revanche (“General Revenge”). He was a French General and politician of the 19th century. He used inflammatory rhetoric and nationalism to vault to popularity during the Third Republic. He called for revenge against Germany for the Franco-Prussian War of 1870-71. In January of 1989 it was feared he had enough popularity to become a dictator and is considered by some historians to be the first fascist or “proto-fascist.”

He was considered a Republican because he did not go to church. Later it was realized that he was a conservative Monarchist.

His downfall from politics occurred in January of 1989 when he won a race for a seat as a deputy for Paris. His supporters were elated and wanted to conduct a coup d’etat; immediately take over the national government. He was a threat to the Republic and was accused by his protractors of treason (later convicted in absentia). He fled to Brussels and then to London. He committed suicide in 1891 with a pistol over the grave of his mistress Marguerite de Bonnemains who had died two months earlier.

Ayatollah Ruhola Khomeini

The chart on the right is the Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini (24 September 1902 – 3 June 1989). He was a religious leader of Twelver Shi’a Islam. He became the Ayatollah (religious title) around 1962. He went into exile in 1963, living in Iraq, Turkey and France. In Turkey he stayed in Bursa in the home of Colonel Ali Cetiner, head of Turkish Military Intelligence. According to the BBC, recently released documents show the Ayatollah had contact with the CIA on different occasions. He returned to Iran during the Iranian Revolution with the help of the US and France. The leaders of the countries were led to believe he would help calm the situation. He promptly took over the revolutionary government and formed a Theocracy. He eliminated all competition from the original groups behind the overthrow of Shah Pahlavi. Iran was then involved in a 10 year war with Iraq (Iran-Iraq War),

Georges Boulanger )birth)