A Common Thread

The search for the MF in history leads us to the concept of filicide – murdering of one’s child. This is a quick list.

  • Abraham – The Binding of Isaac. The story says he wanted to kill his son. He used voices to make it seem he was being commanded to. The one he was setting up to take the blame called him a liar, by repeating what Adam was told by Yaweh. “I will multiply your seed as the stars in the sky….”
  • Kronos – Ate his children. One of them escaped; Zeus. Zeus came back and killed his father. The odd part of the story is then Zeus killed his children. Answer; Zeus failed and Kronos assumed his son’s identity.
  • Saturn – Ate his children because it had been foretold one of them would overthrow him, The story is widely believed to have been appropriated from the Greek of Kronos. The painting “Saturn Devouring His Son” by Goya (approx 1820) is above.
  • Constantine I, first Christian emperor of Rome, had his son Crispus executed. The reasons for this varies according to the historian one references. Constantine used his authority to expunge the records of their existence. Fortunately he wasn’t completely successful. He paved the way for Christianity to become the religion of state.
  • Umar Ibn al-Katab, 2nd Rashudin Caliph, lashed his son to death for consuming alcohol. The story is laid out in such a way, quite conveniently, that his son “asked” to be punished. Al-Katab’s forces expanded Islam more than any other Muslim leader. He also defined the religions most basic tenants.
  • Karl Marx, most renown socialist/communist economist, had 5 sons. Two died as infants. Two didn’t reach adulthood. The one who lived was illegitimate; by his maid. (Marx had a maid?). His two daughters committed suicide. Marx’s theories were the plague of the 20th century. Marxists are programming people and destroying religions (histories of their past) even today; see Uyghur Genocide – Wikipedia.

This is the story of one soul.