Where Does the Angel Gabriel Live?

Playing an angel of Allah is not an easy thing for those who get out of their bodies. They pretend to be gods, devils, ghosts, aliens and etc. The difficulty with Muslims is they comprehend the Quran and speak Arabic. If you were Umar Ibn al-Katab in a past life you could pick up this knowledge fairly easily. Of course that means you were also Karl Marx (a Common Thread). For Phil living In Saudi Arabia for 10 years was sufficient.

After the 9/11 attacks there was heated debate about the Patriot Act. The Act was anything but patriotic; sacrificing our principles of freedom to “save” our freedom. The “angels of Allah” were already disappointed they didn’t get a full declaration of Martial Law. They at least wanted to destroy some American principles of governance.

Did you know? Representative Gary Condit did not support the Patriot Act.

To this end they guided (by handling) two souls they disliked to meet Allah’s angels at the Bellingham, WA YMCA. The two modified a vehicle and staged another terrorist attack in the Washington DC area to encourage support for the Patriot Act.

James Calata
Lee Boyd Malvo

On the left is the chart of the Reverand James Arthur Calata. Calata was a South African Anglican and a founding member of the African National Congress. He joined the ANC in 1930. He and his wife were both arrested on different occasions. He attempted to bring a moderate approach to the fight for equality. In the latter years of his life he used his home as a refuge for the ANC and poverty stricken youth.

On the right is the chart of Lee Boyd Malvo. Malvo met John Allen Muhammed (Case Study 29) and Allah at the Bellingham, WA YMCA. Malvo was 17 years old at the time. Together they modified a vehicle to conceal a shooter and became the DC Highway shooters. Muhammed was sentenced to death and Malvo was sentenced to multiple life sentences. Malvo claims he was sexually abused by Muhammed.

Barthelemy Boganda
John Allen Muhammed

On the left is the Death Chart of Barthelemy Boganda (4 April 1910 – 29 March 1959). Boganda was adopted by Catholic Priests in the French Equitorial Africa. He was ordained as a priest in 1938. He got involved in politics and created Movement for the Social Evolution of Black Africa (MESAN). He was defrocked because he married. Boganda’s work and diplomacy with the French government (including Charles De Gualle) led him to become the first Prime Minister of the Central African Republic. While traveling in 1959 a bomb exploded in his plane. No official blame has been established.

On the right is the birth chart of John Allen Muhammed (December 31, 1960 – November 10, 2009). Muhammed was half of the Highway Shooters along with Lee Boyd Malvo (see Case Study 28). Muhammed served in the Army beginning in 1978. He was stationed in Fort Lewis and Fort Ord. He was honorably discharged in 1994. Muhammed met Malvo and Allah at the Bellingham, WA YMCA. The two modified a car and went on a shooting spree known as the D.C. Sniper Attacks. Muhammed was sentenced to death and was executed by lethal injection in 2009.

Barthelemy Boganda birth