To Repeat; The Powerful Repeat

Umar ibn al-Khattab (583/584 – 644 CE) was the second Rashudin calif from 634 to 644. He was the father in law of the Prophet Mohamed. He was called al-Faruq – the one who distinguishes (The Distinguisher). Wikipedia

Umar conquered more than half the Byzantine Empire and Persia. His armies marched across North Africa to present day Libya and east to Pakistan. Islam expanded into more territory under his rule than at any other time.

One tale of Umar concerns him burying his infant daughter before his conversion to Islam.

When we were in Jaahiliyyah, we used to make an idol out of ‘Ajwa dates, we used to worship it then eat it. This is what made me laugh. As for me crying, I used to have a daughter and I wanted to bury her alive so I took her with me and I dug a hole for her, she then began to play with my beard so I buried her whilst she was alive.

Most Shia Muslims believe this story is true and reflected in Surah at-Takwir 81:8 “and when the girl-child buried alive shall be asked 9 for what offense was she killed?” This chapter concerns judgement days. The story is widely held to show the difference between life before and after the founding of Islam.

Some Sunnis refute this story see “Did Umar ibn Al-Khattaab bury his daughter alive in the days of Jaahiliyyah?Madeenah.

A story all Muslims agree upon is that he had his son, Abu Shahma, flogged to death for the crime of drinking alcohol. Alim.

Jesus and Mohamed were not the same person.

In 644, Umar was assassinated by a Persian slave named Abu Lu’lu’a Firuz.