Through The Eye of a Needle

The fascist sorcerers (Controllers and Handlers) use rape to brainwash the dead. They use the strategy on men and women, boys and girls. In other words they camped out around the Auschwitz raping the dead souls coming out. They’ve told people in the past who could “see” that since they were all sinners they were being punished.; such was the value of religion to them in the past.

They make sure to appeal to the wealthy. Some of these people are in the wealthy white Satan worshiping cults that help them reincarnate and stay in power. This leads us to an interesting observation.

The Business Plot (Wikipedia) was a plot to start a socialist revolution in the US based on those of Franco, Mussolini and Hitler. The plot involved important business leaders and captains of industry. A retired Commandant of the US Marine Corps, Smedley Butler, revealed the plot to Congress.

An investigation was conducted that publicly reported no plot. A memo released from the Commission under the Freedom of Information Act was found in 1963. It stated that Butler had reported truthfully on the matter. The commission had saved the embarrassment of the industrialists.

The wealthy Americans involved in this scheme probably thought they would be able to maintain their familial wealth perpetually. That is how socialism is generally sold to the rich. They also probably believed they would still run the show.

It is true in Nazi Germany the leaders of industry were allowed to hold onto their companies. In true Marxism control would be taken away from them and given to the state. But let’s face it, Nazi sorcerers have to reincarnate like everyone else. No reason to risk losing influence over the rich of the future.

What the fascist Controllers didn’t tell them is their souls (the wealthy) are more valuable to them than anyone else’s. The wealthy can help the Controllers in future lifetimes – if they are so programmed. Reincarnated people who were successful are more likely to be successful in future lifetimes. They could (and did) rape the industrialists when they die, like everyone else. The industrialists would, and do, obey.

The wealthy asses of the industrialists would get used and abused by the Nazi sorcerers guaranteed. If they were honest with themselves they would question their own propensity to believe the lies of Phil today.

Scroll forward to 2022 and the oil prices go through the roof. What mechanism caused this? The US pumps more oil than we use. We are a net exporter. The Controllers convinced the execs that raising the price of oil would sabotage the Democrats in the midterm elections. The real reason, or more important one to Phil, is that the higher prices help Putin finance his war in Ukraine. Russia is where they intend to build their next empire and they are trying to prep it for their rebirth.

Side notes. 1; The Controllers hate Saudi Arabia as it recognizes Israel. They won’t tell anyone this of course. Watch the Gaza to see what Djinn show up. 2: The Controllers are fascists and were Nazis. = they don’t give a shit about the environment. They care about being worshiped/feared and that is all. They contribute absolutely nothing to society or the world. They have played god for a long time.