Erdogan Weighs in on Ukraine

President of Turkiye Recap Erdogan has made statements accusing the West of provoking Russia (Politico). He sounds very much like the “alt” right; blaming the US for Vlad Putin‘s invasion of Ukraine. Not surprisingly “Erdogan’s rule has been marked with increasing authoritarianism, expansionism, censorship and banning of parties or dissent” (Wikipedia). He and Vlad have a lot in common.

These people don’t understand Vlad’s motivation dates back to 2014. That’s when the Ukraine parliament ousted his longtime buddy Viktor Yanukovich. Russia took over the Crimea less than a month later. Why Putin’s gods wanted him to wait until now for a full invasion of Ukraine is open to debate. It is doubtful there will be an affect on the US midterm elections. Even the gods can be wrong.

Putin’s military also props up the Belarusian president for life Alexander Lukashenko (TRTWorld). Lukashenko’s government has been accused of torture, sexual abuse of prisoners and other forms of repression (Wikipedia).

Some people fear a nuclear war could be initiated by Putin. It is doubtful the gods are that stupid. It is not beneficial to their efforts at world conquest to blow it up.

In possibly related news, former president Trump is reported to have kept documents on nuclear secrets in his Mar a Lago resort (CNN). He is currently under investigation by the DOJ. The motive for Trump’s stash of government files is anyone’s guess (Business Insider).

Trump’s early relationship with Jeffrey Epstein means this story shares some similarities with this one; Nuclear Secrets and the Big Fire Bug.