Acting and the Shia Empire

When we die we don’t really go anywhere. People who get out of their bodies are in the same place; right here. People repeat their past habits and strategies. The shit show attack is from Mordor against the SW town of those who know the most about the former. The show is orchestrated to demonize the people of this town. It is also to create fear, psychologically preventing people from realizing these sorcerers are simply rich white guys from the NW.

The fascist sorcerers of Mordor use their rape tactics to brainwash the dead. They play the role of conservatives. This covers their use of zombies to get gun control, create a government clampdown on civil liberties, and give nuclear tech to Iran in hopes of destroying the Jews of Israel. All of this they blame on the democrats through the subculture propaganda machine they hijacked. They are Marxists, neither republicans nor democrats. They don’t believe in democracy at all. Clicking the above links will show you the thread of clues.

We know they play Allah (or Gabriel) to Muslims ( click the civil liberties above). They speak Arabic and have studied the Quran. Their Islamic puppets don’t realize the voices they hear are from wealthy white sorcerers who hate them only slightly less than the Jews.

Here is someone the same rapists and their Marxist leader Phil installed into power. Phil was working in Saudi Arabia from 78 to 1990/91. Their abilities helped form a Shia Theocracy that became a Middle Eastern empire of terror. Iran supports the Yemeni rebels, Hamas, Hezbollah and others. The guys from Morder created this “empire” while pretending to be conservatives.

George Ernest Boulanger

This is the death chart of Georges Ernest Boulanger (29 April 1837 – 30 September 1891), nicknamed Général Revanche (“General Revenge”). He was a French General and politician of the 19th century. He used inflammatory rhetoric and nationalism to vault to popularity during the Third Republic. He called for revenge against Germany for the Franco-Prussian War of 1870-71. In January of 1989 it was feared he had enough popularity to become a dictator and is considered by some historians to be the first fascist or “proto-fascist.”

He was considered a Republican because he did not go to church. Later it was realized that he was a conservative Monarchist.

His downfall from politics occurred in January of 1989 when he won a race for a seat as a deputy for Paris. His supporters were elated and wanted to conduct a coup d’etat; immediately take over the national government. He was a threat to the Republic and was accused by his protractors of treason (later convicted in absentia). He fled to Brussels and then to London. He committed suicide in 1891 with a pistol over the grave of his mistress Marguerite de Bonnemains who had died two months earlier.

Ayatollah Ruhola Khomeini

The chart on the right is the Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini (24 September 1902 – 3 June 1989). He was a religious leader of Twelver Shi’a Islam. He became the Ayatollah (religious title) around 1962. He went into exile in 1963, living in Iraq, Turkey and France. In Turkey he stayed in Bursa in the home of Colonel Ali Cetiner, head of Turkish Military Intelligence. According to the BBC, recently released documents show the Ayatollah had contact with the CIA on different occasions. He returned to Iran during the Iranian Revolution with the help of the US and France. The leaders of the countries were led to believe he would help calm the situation. He promptly took over the revolutionary government and formed a Theocracy. He eliminated all competition from the original groups behind the overthrow of Shah Pahlavi. Iran was then involved in a 10 year war with Iraq (Iran-Iraq War),

Georges Boulanger )birth)