Gaining Influence

To gain influence in a group of people an Underling will join that group. No group can be deceived by one perceived as an outsider. Once the Underling has learned the dress code, the lingo and the basic belief system he can play the part. His Handler can facilitate his rise to popularity by screwing up those opposed to him and creating events (manipulating people) to make him more liked.

The object is to gain influence. Once gained, the influence is used to add, “the Agenda” into the groups belief system. The original parts of the belief system don’t matter and are allowed to remain, unless they contradict the Agenda. The group are collectively zombies. They believe what the Underling adds and pressure others to do the same. Their minds believe what the Handler believes.

The Controllers of Mordor use a similar technique to groom planted Underlings in other countries, and guide them to rule. In that way the Controllers in affect control another country. This is why they dislike democracy. Case Study 31 and Case Study 41 are among a few on the Case Study Page.

What is “the Agenda?”

One part of it is to use the groomed Vlad Putin to create the beginnings of a Russian Empire to accept it’s new reincarnated leaders. They didn’t like it when Yanukovich was deposed by the parliament of Ukraine. They do like that Putin was able to keep Lukashenko in power in Belarus despite an uprising. 30 thousand Russian troops in the country for maneuvers assisted the despot.

Another part of it is to rid the world of Jews and, more importantly. their religious writings. They want to start with the destruction of Israel and have created a Shia Empire for that purpose.

The third is to get rid of Masonic groups they feel know too much about their abilities. They are intimidated by the Masons and the history they have with them. They feel the Masons may threaten their attempt at world domination.

If we consider the American progressive left and alternative or “alt” right we notice similarities. Neither group supports Israel and it’s balancing act of holding off Hamas, responding to rocket attacks and appeasing world opinion. Both groups oppose supporting Ukraine opposition to the Russian invasion. Both groups believe the attempt at world domination is coming from Jews and Masons rather than the fascist Controllers. Hmmm…