Hook Line and Sinker

Charles Manson (Case Study 10) and his Family made it look like the hippies wanted a race war. They made it big by killing Sharon Tate. It was the same year, 1968, Martin Luther King was assassinated by James Earl Ray (Case Study 16). Then we have this giant Fromm (Case Study 26) falsely claiming to have been Erwin Rommel (Case Study 25) going around saying a race war would “save the environment.” Is it possible he and his giant buddies are simply racists?

Now “alt right” rhetoric accuses the left of being racist. See for yourself in The Federalist. These guys bought it hook line and sinker. They like to demonize the left.

Weirder, some leftists buy it too, and think it’s cool. These simpletons help the liars create their false narrative. They glorify what they perceive as the giants agenda.

Both sides are incorrect; the giants want Souls for a New Reich.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a race war. It doesn’t matter if it’s cartel killings. It doesn’t matter if it’s a religious war created by indignation to rape and sexual perversion. It doesn’t matter if its a pandemic. It’s about souls.

The mind is a terrible thing.