Why Take The Dead?

Above photo taken in April of 1945 in Belsen Germany.

In yesterdays post we talked about methods of trapping souls. The souls are kept in a physical location, their memories erased and they are left open to suggestion by a living practitioner. The souls may also be protected from being taken away or influenced by living monks possibly with their memory preserved or at least more easily accessible in the next life.

The method of erasing the memories of souls is trauma. Pain through torture and/or rape is introduced by Controllers to instill fear in the souls’ subconscious and erase the souls conscious. The trauma can be introduced during death, between lifetimes or after the next birth. This strategy is also used on astral travelers.

In What Is Hidden the conversation between Abram and Al-Abram is translated concerning the pact of circumcision. This trauma introduced to a soul’s childhood can cause a trauma block and make past life recall more difficult.

We have to ask ourselves why do children suffer in these stories. They are sacrificed (kingjamesbibleonline) by their parents. These souls can be reprogrammed in case they reincarnated from a different culture.

In Exodus 1:15 the Pharaoh commands all the male children born to the Jews to be killed. Presumably this is because the Israelites had become too numerous and he feared them (Exodus 1:9). The children could be reprogrammed to worship the Pharaoh (if he was a giant) or whichever giant was playing the part of Ra.

Exodus 11:4-6 Moses announces that Yehaveh will kill all the firstborn Egyptians. The event is celebrated as the Passover. Could this “Yehaveh” been Egyptian?

What would happen if all the Jews in Europe were killed while a Aryan breeding program were being conducted? The Jewish souls would be reprogrammed and reincarnate into white families. No more Judaism and no more record (the Tanakh) of the Controllers past exploits. They could be reprogrammed to be Christians or even atheists and socialists. In which case they would be programmed to worship Karl Marx.

This is from an earlier post Q and A with Professors Tzu and Tzu.

Prof Sun Tzu; Let’s say you have a hypothetical world that has been taken over by aliens. The aliens are power mongers, but not too bright. They reincarnate like everyone else. They repeat life patterns like everyone else. How do you warn your future selves?

Prof Wang Tzu; It is obvious the facts of the situation must be written.

Prof Sun Tzu; How can these writings be preserved for many lifetimes?

Prof Wang Tzu; It must be made dear to people’s hearts.

Prof Sun Tzu; A religion.

Prof Wang Tzu; Certainly a religion would carry the writings into the future better than any other method.

Prof Sun Tzu; In it must be written all they do because they will repeat their actions in future lifetimes. Those actions can be a warning when observed by future people.

Prof Wang Tzu; I see this now, but they will try to take over the religion, alter it’s books, twist it to their own purposes of control.

Prof Sun Tzu; Of course they will, this is their nature. What else can we do? We must see through it in our future lives to relearn the truth.

Prof Wang Tzu; What will they do when they realize what has been happening, what the religions conceal?

Prof Sun Tzu; They will make religion illegal and attempt to exterminate the Jews