Taking Them to the Next Life

When the war turned on the Nazis, Hitler, or more accurately Hitler’s Controller, decided to get people to fight to the last man. The people of the Third Reich had been programmed from souls of World War I. Why let them go? The Controllers took souls to the next country they wanted to take over. This necessitated the deaths of their followers. They didn’t want memories to survive from those left behind.

When Field Marshal Paulus’ 6th Army was surrounded during the Battle of Stalingrad Hitler ordered them to stay put thinking they could be supplied by air. When the situation became hopeless Hitler ordered him to fight to the last man. Paulus finally made the correct decision; he disobeyed Hitler and surrendered. 91,000 men were surrendered from the initial force of over 1 million.

German child soldiers fought against advance of the Soviet Army and the Allies after the D Day landings. This included young girls (Historyextra). When it was apparent Berlin was going to be over run (Battle of Berlin) a final concert was presented. Those in attendance were offered cyanide pills. Child soldiers, as well as ordinary citizens, were employed against the Red Army (Bunker Boys YouTube). Also see Military Use of Children in WWII Wikipedia.

In related history; First US Covid case was in Seattle, WA. Wikipedia