Phil Busted Again

Shape changing on the other side, by those out of body, can be accomplished in a few ways. The feat is intended to confuse observers and to set up the innocent to take the blame for actions, normally rape. They can rape someone they don’t like and make it appear someone else is doing it.

The most difficult method is for them to do it themselves. This takes practice and concentration. Not many can do this effectively.

The brain of the observer can be fooled by someone clinging to them and putting visions into their head. The observer in this case will be in their body; not astrally traveling.

Another method is for one out of body individual to possess another out of body individual. The observers will see the possess committing the rape or other actions. The possessed will also be distressed as they will see the act being committed but have no control to stop it. This is almost always assisted by another out of body Controller. This one will be focusing on the show to help the possessor pull off the feat. Generally the victim is also being held helpless by another focusing Controller; unable to fight back or flee.

A Controller focusing on a out of body cohort or underling can change their appearance. They can make a person look like a different person or a space alien for example. These strategies are used to put on their show.

In the last two methods a Controller, one of those above focusing on the show, may lose their focus for some reason. They may be distracted by someone or something. They might lose concentration for a moment. When this happens the illusion is broken and the gig is up. If an out of body observer sees this it’s time to think about being gone before their memory is erased through rape or torture.

Late Saturday night, in the SW, Phil was raping a man while his buddy Controller was making him look like someone else. His buddy lost focus for some reason and suddenly there it was for everyone to see. This happened previously on the floor (the Midwest) when he was possessing another, again with help. He was raping a Jewish man in that instance. Generally he will go back to raping women, thinking to play it off, afterwards. It’s a Roman thing, they rape anything.