Creating a (Spartan) Army

The Spartans were renown for their ruthlessness and oppressiveness. They raped and murdered their subjects at will, similar to some of the more famous Romans

Spartans Abroad: Rape and No Accountability (SENTENTIAE ANTIQUAE). A historical account of Spartan treatment of other Greeks, including the rape and murder of children.

There have been other armies and military units that were as cruel if not more so. One such unit was the infamous Waffen SS penal unit, the Derliwanger Brigade. This unit murdered, raped and tortured 10’s of thousands of men , women and children in drunken assaults all over Central Europe.

Conversely, Plutarch states that, when Spartan boys reached puberty, they became available for sexual relationships with older males. Aelian talks about the responsibilities of an older Spartan citizen to younger less sexually experienced males (Wikipedia).

While training to become a Spartan soldier “at around age 12, a boy would often enter into an institutionalized relationship with a young adult male Spartan, which continued as he became a paidiskos. Plutarch described this form of Spartan pederasty (erotic relationship) as one where older warriors (as the erastes) would engage promising youths (the eromenos) in a long-lasting relationship with an instructive motive.” (Wikipedia)

Obviously, raping and molesting children is the choice of Controllers when creating an army. To erase their memory they must be killed, then raised again in their kingdom. In today’s age they prefer to kill a former enemy and brainwash that person to do the dirty work. That’s because the person might get caught and Capt McCoy is not the only person who knows about these things. This takes the heat off of the Nazis.

It’s double Case Studies day! Pay attention to the last one giants.

Melvin Purvis

This is the birth chart of Melvin Purvis (October 24, 1903 – February 29, 1960). Purvis was a famous FBI agent. He was credited with the capture or killing of Baby Face Nelson, Pretty Boy Floyd and John Dillinger. The problem was J Edgar Hoover got a little jealous of all the press Purvis was getting. He resigned from the FBI in 1939 and practiced law. He joined the Army in WWII and attained the rank of colonel. He was an intelligence officer and was instrumental in gaining convictions of Nazi war criminals during the Nuremburg Trials.

Wesley Allan Dodd

Next is the chart of Wesley Allan Dodd (July 3, 1961 – January 5, 1993); brainwashed child molester and murderer. He was convicted and executed by hanging in 1993 for the deaths of three boys in southern Washington State. The victims are highlighted in Case Study 5 and Case Study 6.

Arcan Cetin

Lastly is the chart of Arcan Cetin (20 August 1996 – 16 April 2016), the shooter at the Cascade Mall in Burlington, WA in 2016. Cetin was born in Turkey. His parents moved to Washington State while he was a child. Cetin hung himself in jail in 2017 after having admitted to and been convicted of the crime.

He had been taken to the northern part of the state in his next life. He was made “not gay anymore” near the place where Phil lived at the time. This was to alleviate any suspicions the fraud Rommel (who is really Fromm) had anything to do with his programming.

The following is Wesley Allan Dodd’s third and final victim. A giant loyal to his fascist Controller. His soul was taken to Mordor at the loss of the zombie Dodd. His master considered that loss worthwhile – such is their desire to regain control of their favorites. Worysch, or Iseli, will by now have been re-raised in the above described fashion.

Udo Von Worysch
Lee Joseph Iseli

On the left is the chart of Udo Von Worysch (24 July 1895 – 14 January 1983) first commander of the SS-Oberabschnitt Südost. A convicted war criminal held responsible for “The Night of the Long Knives.” He was very close to Heinrich Himmler and Reinhard Heydrich. He served time for war crimes and died in 1983.

On the right is the chart of Lee Joseph Iseli (29 January, 1985 – 30 October 1989) third victim of Wesley Allan Dodd (Case Study 4). Worysch was such a high value target Dodd’s controller risked and lost him in the acquisition of Worysch’s soul. Worysch, now with a new name, is about a 30 years old zombie. Dodd probably would not have been caught if he had stayed on his side of the river.