Puppet Masters and Brainwashing

Creating a rapist through brainwashing between lifetimes requires puppet master skills. The Controllers can use the same technique in people’s dreams and to put on the Great Shit Shows of Phil. The difference is the show is illuminated, brainwashing sessions are hidden.

With the show observers are intimidated and political opinions are influenced. Victims have their subconscious infused with fear. Excuses for the eradication of towns, religions, minorities and any other group they don’t like are created. Then the eradication begins.

Their efforts to demonize others for their actions and appear holy are insane. They will (and do) travel to a different town and claim to be residents to pass the blame on to that place. They, particularly Phil, will stand or hide behind someone else and claim that person is puppet mastering events. The “gods” are scum.

It’s a time honored tradition. In Genesis 18 two Controllers put on a little impromptu play for the masses to make sure Abraham didn’t appear to be involved. In Genesis 19 the Egyptian army torched the cities with flaming brimstone, commonly put on arrows to make them incendiary devices.

Genesis 14:21 And the king of Sodom said to Abram, “Give me the souls, and the possessions take for yourself.” Because he knew what Abraham would do with those souls.

John 8;44 You are from your father, the devil, and you prefer to do what your father wants. He was a murderer from the start; he was never grounded in the truth; there is no truth in him at all. When he lies he is speaking true to his nature, because he is a liar, and the father of lies…56 Your father Abraham rejoiced to think that he would see my Day; he saw it and was glad.

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Melvin Purvis

This is the birth chart of Melvin Purvis (October 24, 1903 – February 29, 1960). Purvis was a famous FBI agent. He was credited with the capture or killing of Baby Face Nelson, Pretty Boy Floyd and John Dillinger. The problem was J Edgar Hoover got a little jealous of all the press Purvis was getting. He resigned from the FBI in 1939 and practiced law. He joined the Army in WWII and attained the rank of colonel. He was an intelligence officer and was instrumental in gaining convictions of Nazi war criminals during the Nuremburg Trials.

Wesley Allan Dodd

Next is the chart of Wesley Allan Dodd (July 3, 1961 – January 5, 1993); brainwashed child molester and murderer. He was convicted and executed by hanging in 1993 for the deaths of three boys in southern Washington State. The victims are highlighted in Case Study 5 and Case Study 6.

Arcan Cetin

Lastly is the chart of Arcan Cetin (20 August 1996 – 16 April 2016), the shooter at the Cascade Mall in Burlington, WA in 2016. Cetin was born in Turkey. His parents moved to Washington State while he was a child. Cetin hung himself in jail in 2017 after having admitted to and been convicted of the crime.

He had been taken to the northern part of the state in his next life. He was made “not gay anymore” near the place where Phil lived at the time. This was to alleviate any suspicions the fraud Rommel (who is really Fromm) had anything to do with his programming.