Creating a Zombie

In Bring Out Your Dead the psychological weakness exploited by fascist psychologist Controllers was examined. In Brainwashing Techniques the methods used by the puppet masters to create rapists and child molesters was discussed. They control dream space of sleeping, out of body and the dead souls of people. They can make people rape and torture each other. They can also enter the space and commit rapes and torture. The purpose of doing this to the dead is to reprogram souls between lifetimes. This is usually accompanied with manipulation during childhood by messing with them while they are children.

Some of the fascist Caucasian sorcerers that use dark energy and get out of their bodies love to rape the dead. They use propaganda to say they are spirits of black people or Jews. This is how they set people up to take the blame for their actions.

We talked about the rapists, but what about the victimized souls? They also rape male souls. The experiences between lifetimes cause children to be born with mental problems. The rate of Autism in the US has increased from 1 in 150 children in the year 2000 to 1 in 44 in 2018. This is an increase of over 300%. Most scientists claim the diagnosis is better and catches more cases now, but it’s prevalence is in the US. Conspiracy theories say it’s vaccines causing the rate to increase. The reason is the concentration camps for the dead run by out of body fascists.

Here is an example of a soul tortured between lifetimes. Keep in mind that the giant Phil from Mordor likes to claim he is was Erwin Rommel. He has since the assassination of Dr Martin Luther King when he was guiding James Earl Ray and asked why. He made the claim to divert the blame to an enemy, Erwin Rommel. Rommel has been friends with Stevie Ray Vaughn in the past. Just like Phil was friends with this guy.

Although some act like right wingers, they are fascists who want gun control. This is so people won’t be able to fight back when they take over. The guys from Mordor creating these zombies can be seen raping women, or puppet mastering rape, in Santa Fe. This is to set up the town like in Judges chps19 – 21.

Bereishit (Genesis) 14:21 “And the king of Sodom said to Abram, “Give me the souls, and the possessions take for yourself.

Jean Paul Marat

This man is Jean Paul Marat (24 May 1743 – 13 July 1793). Marat was a political theorist, scientist and physician. He was a defender of basic human rights of common people (sans-culottes). His journalism made him an unofficial link to the Jacobins, a political group of the French Revolution. Marat had argued against the Girondins, believing they were out to sabotage the revolution in favor of the French Royalty. He did argue to let King Louis XVI and his counsel live. Marat was assassinated (stabbed) by Charlotte Corday, a Girondin sympathizer, and became a revolutionary martyr to the Jacobins.

Richard Wagner

Next we have Richard Wagner (22 May 1813 – 13 February 1883). Wagner was a German composer and close friend of King Ludwig II (see Case Study 25) from whom he received patronage. Wagner is most popularly known for “Flight of the Valkyres” a composition from one of Wagner’s Operas, originally titled “Ride of the Valkyres.” The song was featured in the movie “The Birth of a Nation” (1915) and “Apocalypse Now” (1979). Wagner produced many musical works, writings and is considered a great influence of 19th century thought. He died in 1883 of an Angina attack.

Django (Jean) Rheinhardt

This man is Django (Jean) Rheinhardt (23 January 1910 – 16 May 1953). Rheinhardt was a Romani guitarist who was one of the first jazz musicians to perform with the guitar as the lead in Europe. He recorded with a few American musicians such as Duke Ellington. He lived in France during the Nazi occupation, and although jazz was considered un-German counterculture music, it’s popularity prevented him from being forced into camps with many of the other Romani people. After the war he continued to perform. Rheinhardt is still considered the most significant European jazz musician. He died suddenly of a brain hemorrhage in 1953 (age 43).

Stevie Ray Vaughan

Everybody knows Stevie Ray Vaughan (October 3, 1954 – August 27, 1990). Vaughan was a Texas born rock/blues guitarist who got his big break in 1983. His exceptional guitar skills and musical style has made him an musical icon. He died at 36 years of age in a helicopter crash in Wisconsin on his way to play a concert in Chicago.

Adam Lanza

This is Adam Lanza (April 22, 1992 – December 14, 2012), Lanza was a mentally disturbed young man who perpetrated the shootings at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in 2012, He was obviously mentally traumatized between lifetimes. Diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome (now considered part of the autism spectrum). He had an obsession with guns. He lived alone with his mother, whom he shot. He then proceeded to the school where he shot 26 students and teachers before turning the gun on himself. Lanza’s case prompted many gun control measures in the United States as intended.