Phil’s Shit Show

The rape show first occurred in Oregon and Washington states. Fromm, who’s called himself Rommel since the assassination of MLK, and his goons were trying to get his son to be their next Hitler. It didn’t work because he sabotaged their race war attempt, the beating of Rodney King, a week before it occurred.

He left, believing as everyone else in the NW did that Hitler was responsible for the rapes in their region. He also believed Hitler was the one trying to set him up. This turned out to be untrue, his own father and goons from Mordor were responsible for both the rapes and the set up.

Once Fromm retired from the oil company he attempted to set up his son for once and all. Fromm’s multiple attempts to sabotage the US kept getting messed up by his son, including 9/11. This time 3 months before the attack.

The pig headed Fromm and his warmongers have kept the rape show up. Alternately blaming people from the Southwest, claiming it was to get his son to confess to sins, saying his son is jealous, and mostly because they are a pack of racist rapist psychopaths who play god.

The reason Fromm wanted this particular son to take the fall for their next holocaust was his son has dirt on him.

Fromm and his goons play the role of wise important pro Westerners while they handle Putin, Xi and others while attempting to sabotage the US. It is no coincidence that these dirty boomers try to make their great politician Phil look like a stud by surrounding him with raped and beaten down women like Putin in Russia.