The Great Phil Show, Update

Phil’s gimp, the rapist of Mordor, was played off as Hitler to people who live there. He isn’t Hitler and he lives in Mordor with his buddies; Phil and his Valkyries. Phil claims to have been Erwin Rommel but he wasn’t, he’s a pathological liar.

Now Phil and his buddies are traveling to Santa Fe every night to mess with Phil’s son. The latter help sabotage one of his father’s attempts to start a race war, among other schemes. The dirty old men have been trying to pin the blame on that same son ever since.

Phil and his goons have been forcing the people of the SW to go along with his false narratives and raping people in the area on the other side. Using their puppet master skills and rapists they have even taken to calling someone else “Phil” and raping him. What does Phil’s wife of 58 years have to say about that? Nothing, she does what Phil tells her.

Phil and Co’s Derliwanger Brigade of giants who rape the dead and play it off as punishment for sin do this like terrorists. They make false accusations and use rape to erase the memories of, and intimidate, souls between lifetimes. They also do this to living out of body travelers. They hide their perversions behind religion as always. They hold hostages to get their way. They want to rule the world.

The 36th Waffen SS Grenadier Battalion or Dirlewanger Brigade was a penal unit employed by the Third Reich to put down uprisings and hunt partisans in occupied Europe. The unit was known for it’s brutality and lawlessness. During the German occupation of Soviet territory the unit let hungry dogs feed on starving women and children, burned people alive and injected Jews with strychnine.

The historian Martin Windrow described them as a “terrifying rabble” of “cut-throats, renegades, sadistic morons, and cashiered rejects from other units”. Some Nazi officials romanticized the unit, viewing the men as ‘pure primitive German men’ who were ‘resisting the law‘” (WIkipedia)

Members of the Dirlewanger Brigade were criminals convicted of murder, rape, burglary and other serious offenses. Prisoners deemed criminally insane were recruited by Dirlewanger. These men were not expected to survive the war. They were responsible for some of the worst atrocities of WWII. The Warsaw Uprising saw the unit kill between 40 and 50 thousand civilians.

The unit’s leader, Oskar Dirlewanger, served as an officer with the German Army in WWI. He obtained a doctorate in political science (Frankfurt University) and was a convicted rapist and pedophile. He was a sadistic alcoholic who had connections to the Nazi high command. His friend Gottlob Berger used his friendship with Heinrich Himmler to get him into his position. He routinely raped and tortured captives.

Phil and his cohorts do the same to set up a target town. They come and rape people on the other side and claim to be inhabitants of the targeted town or friends of an actual enemy. In days past they would have claimed to be black or Jewish. This is to demonize those they hate. Phil had some of his underlings move to the town.

They do not care because no one ever figures out who they are. They are living men. In fact they are wealthy, often educated white men. If anyone does figure out who they are or where they are from, no one tends to do anything about it. They call this being “beautiful.”

Because we know people repeat their past, we can see how Abraham (Phil) set up Sodom and Gomorrah and got the Pharaoh (whom he controlled) to burn it down with his army. The victors write, or in this case rewrite, the story. Nazis were playing god for a long time before anyone called them Nazis.

This man is James Kenneth Stephen (25 February 1859 – 3 February 1892) an English poet, and tutor to Prince Albert Victor, eldest son of Albert Edward, Prince of Wales. Stephen was very tall and quite good at the Eton Wall Game that is still played at Eton College in Berkshire UK. He suffered a head injury that exacerbated his bipolar disorder.

Stephen was considered a person of interest in the Whitechapel Murders (1888) committed by the unknown assailant Jack the Ripper. It was suggested in a 1993 play; Sympathy for the Devil by Angus Graham-Campbell he may have been the culprit. Forensic psychiatrist David Abrahamsen identified Stephen as having a matching psychological profile with Jack The Ripper. He also claimed Stephen had a sexual relationship with his student Prince Albert Victor and the latter was an accomplice. These theories have been dismissed by many based on the travel time necessary to get from the scene to the College in time for lectures and other reasons.

Stephen was committed to a mental hospital because of his disorder. When he was informed of Prince Albert’s death from pneumonia he stopped eating and died 20 days later.

This man is Oskar Paul Dirlewanger (26 September 1895 –  7 June 1945) was a Nazi SS war criminal who served as the founder and commander of the penal unit “Dirlewanger” during World War II. Dirlewanger was a very tall man who was in dire need of a sandwich. His reputation is one of extreme sexual sadism and alcoholism. The Dirlewanger SS unit, made up of prisoners and mental patients, raped, murdered and tortured thousands of people.

Dirlewanger served in WWI and after joined the NSDAP. He received his doctorate in political science in the interwar period. It was revoked along with his party membership when he was convicted of raping a 14 year old girl. He was returned to regular party membership after his friend Gottlob Berger intervened on his behalf to Heinrich Himmler<<<. The Derlewanger SS Regiment was used to suppress ghetto and resistance uprisings. In one instance it is estimated they killed 30,000 Belarusian citizens. He died in prison at Althausen. It is believed he was beaten to death by other inmates.