Invasion Papers

The US has plans for the invasion of virtually every country and region on the planet. These are created by military strategists and tacticians. The idea is that an emergency requiring a military response could happen anywhere. An uprising, invasion or catastrophe might cause the US to send some force into action. These plans can be accessed and at least used as a basis for planners. The terrain and assets in a nation are readily available.

It is no surprise the US has invasion plans for Iran. It always has had those plans. That they exist does not mean there are imminent intentions to invade the theocracy. It’s really not newsworthy, that is until Trump.

It should be pointed out the Dept of Justice claims Trump did not have the documents in question.

Why Trump’s handler wanted him to grab those plans and wave them about in front of the world is the real question. Could this be a political maneuver, yet another attempt by the “alt” right to demonize the US? Could this be intended to intimidate Iran into making an aggressive move, one that might provoke conflict? Could it be that Trump’s handler wanted to know what was on those papers and Trump flashed it to the world in a half witted fit of confusion?

What it really does is give us a clue as to who is Trump being manipulated by.

George Ernest Boulanger

This is the death chart of Georges Ernest Boulanger (29 April 1837 – 30 September 1891), nicknamed Général Revanche (“General Revenge”). He was a French General and politician of the 19th century. He used inflammatory rhetoric and nationalism to vault to popularity during the Third Republic. He called for revenge against Germany for the Franco-Prussian War of 1870-71. In January of 1989 it was feared he had enough popularity to become a dictator and is considered by some historians to be the first fascist or “proto-fascist.”

He was considered a Republican because he did not go to church. Later it was realized that he was a conservative Monarchist.

His downfall from politics occurred in January of 1889 when he won a race for a seat as a deputy for Paris. His supporters were elated and wanted to conduct a coup d’etat; immediately take over the national government. He was a threat to the Republic and was accused by his protractors of treason (later convicted in absentia). He fled to Brussels and then to London. He committed suicide in 1891 with a pistol over the grave of his mistress Marguerite de Bonnemains who had died two months earlier.

Ayatollah Ruhola Khomeini

The chart on the right is the Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini (24 September 1902 – 3 June 1989). He was a religious leader of Twelver Shi’a Islam. He became the Ayatollah (religious title) around 1962. He went into exile in 1963, living in Iraq, Turkey and France. In Turkey he stayed in Bursa in the home of Colonel Ali Cetiner, head of Turkish Military Intelligence. According to the BBC, recently released documents show the Ayatollah had contact with the CIA on different occasions. He returned to Iran during the Iranian Revolution with the help of the US and France. The leaders of the countries were led to believe he would help calm the situation. He promptly took over the revolutionary government and formed a Theocracy. He eliminated all competition from the original groups behind the overthrow of Shah Pahlavi. Iran was then involved in a 10 year war with Iraq (Iran-Iraq War).

During this time (78 to 90) the great white Phil of Mordor was employed in Saudi Arabia. The same one that says he was Rommel but wasn’t, and admitted to trying to rape his son.

Georges Boulanger )birth)