Karl Loves The Alt Right

For background see “Since When Did Q Go Commie?

Let’s briefly talk about three political issues championed by the “alt” right and spouted on by the hijacked Q Anon site. Then we can think about how Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels would feel.

Support for Ukraine has been a key propaganda point for the “alt” media. When the great white Phil of Mordor (Karl, says he was Rommel but wasn’t) was encouraging Bush Jr to send US tropps to Iraq it was a good idea to most of these guys. Now he’s claiming we shouldn’t be providing assistance to help Ukraine fight against Vlad Putin‘s invasion. They say Biden’s a big meany for sending cluster ammunition to help break through Russian defenses. Russia used the same munitions against Ukrainian civilians (Human Rights Watch). These munitions will help them push the Russian military back.

Did you know? A few nights ago the great white Phil admitted attempting to rape his son when he was a boy.

Obviously garnering support for Putin is the only way the Kremlin is going to win. Blaming NATO for Putin’s aggression (ridiculous) and trying to shut off aid to Ukraine by influencing the not so intelligent is the only way Putin and his handler from Mordor can save face for one of the biggest military blunders in history.

Covid Vaccinations are not going to cause you to turn into a newt. What they will do is help protect you from dying of Covid. We know you don’t want to believe it. Consider; if the virus was cooked up in one of Xi Jinping‘s Chinese labs, who wants you to NOT take the vaccine?

According to Russian virologist Professor Petr Chumakov the Chinese created the virus (NewDaily). He says he thinks it was accidental and escaped the lab accidentally as well. According to French virologist and Nobel Prize winner Luc Montagnier the virus was created in the Wuhan labs as well (NewsMax). Accidentally of course. Created would be the key word.

The Gold Standard is a bad idea ok? The problem with tying a currency to a shiny rock is the things value goes up and down all the time. Face it, it’s just a rock- it has value because we all agree it does. The same is true of currencies. Keeping the currency stable is the realm of the Federal Reserve Bank. That’s why people like the US dollar – it’s stability.

If the value of the dollar were tied to gold it’s worth would go up and down with the price of gold. Not stable. It’s a particularly bad idea considering South Africa and Russia seem to have the biggest gold mines. They could flood the market and sink the dollar- this is known as economic warfare. That, I’m sure, would make Karl happy.

So, who is feeding you the nonsense you are reading on your “alt” right sites?