Phil’s Gimp

Phil’s gimp attacks the friends of his son. They helped his son screw up one of Phil’s Helter Skelter race war attempts back in 1991. They don’t like that the beating of Rodney King only led to riots because so many were pre-warned. The gimp’s main job is to make people think he doesn’t work for Phil, but for his son.

Did you know? Phil chose Los Angeles to have his loyal cops beat up King while knowingly being filmed. Phil grew up there and, according to the 4th D buzz, sexually assaulted a boy. He was sent to another state (WA) for a while. He returned to graduate from high school in L.A. This is the reason he chose the city for his attempt-he wanted total destruction. He tried to make it out to be his son’s idea by standing behind him while he slept and speaking as if he was his son talking.

When Phil’s gimp does this, or when the puppet masters make them dance, they call one of these victims Phil. The real Phil does the same thing, calls one of them Phil. This is another case of passing the buck. They refer to this as being “beautiful.”

You remember the giant Phil, told everyone he was Rommel after the assassination of Dr Martin Luther King and has stuck to this lie ever since. He was actually Friedrich Fromm, he’s jealous of the real Rommel. His hope is to pass the buck for his future lifetimes.

He’s the big one that told Bush Jr to invade Iraq and spouts off to the right, telling them what kind of stances they should have on certain issues. Being a Marxist, his “advice” is actually sabotage.

Did you know? Almost all of the giants are educated, and most are quite wealthy. This includes Fromm. They like to take care of their loyalists. Among them are doctors, lawyers, a dentist, a pastor, oil company execs and business men, professors and psychologists. Some of them don’t work at all, they spend their time running around out of their bodies – they are financed. They are all men.

The point is Phil doesn’t want people to know who he is. He put on a big show and realizes the error of his ways. The other loyalist giants take the blame for him, willingly or upon being forced. It takes a whole lot of nasty bastards to make their one politician look like a good guy. It went south when he slipped up and admitted to attempting to rape his son when he was a boy.

It’s difficult to understand what they are doing.

One reason is whatever they do it’s twisted to make someone else take the blame or to appear they are working for their enemy. They will attack Phil’s son’s friends and claim those friends are his enemies. It’s reminiscent of the death of Dionysus. They blame their attempts to set him up on them.

Another reason is they can appear different. Shape changing isn’t accomplished by the individual, it’s done by the ones above, as an illusion.

The most important reason is people’s tendency toward superstition. If they can do all this they must be wise and good is the belief. This couldn’t be further from the truth. This belief is taught and reinforced universally in religions and cults. If questioned they will “know” they are doing something great; a higher level of deceit.

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