It’s Case Study 63!

This man is Victor Emmanuel III of Italy ( 11 November 1869 – 28 December 1947 ). He was the King of Italy from 1900 through 9 May 1946. His appointments to the office of Prime Minister were unable to unite the nation in the face of the rising Italian National Fascist Party. Emmanuel appointed Benito Mussolini and the rest is history. In 1943 when the allies invaded Italy, King Victor signed a surrender and deposed Mussolini. The Germans rescued Mussolini and attempted to reinstall him, he was later captured by partisans and executed. Viktor abdicated the throne a year after the German surrender. He lived the last part of his life as an exile in Alexandria.

This man is Robert Pickton ( born October 24, 1949 ), a serial killer from British Columbia, Canada. Pickton and his brother were raised on a pig farm they later inherited. They converted a slaughterhouse to throw parties; raves that included sex workers and Hell’s Angels. The parties were said to have been attended by up to 2,000 people at a time.

In 1997 Pickton was charged with attempted murder of a known prostitute, Wendy Lynn Eistetter. The charges were dropped because she was a drug abuser and police didn’t take her testimony seriously. He was arrested in 2002 and convicted in 2007 for the murders of 6 women. Pickton preyed on prostitutes and homeless women in Vancouver BC.

Investigators charged him in the deaths of 20 other women but the Crown stayed the charges in 2010. The bodies were found on his farm. According to police he confessed to 49 murders to an undercover officer while in prison. It is believed at least half of them were indigenous women.

His programming was punishment for having pissed off the “gods” of fascist Germany. He was put to work pursuing their agenda.


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