Having a Moment

This man is Friedriech Fromm. His staff, notably Claus von Stauffenberg, was responsible for the July 20 assassination plot against Hitler (see The Real Valkyries). Had they been successful in the attempt Fromm would have been in the perfect position to take his place. Fromm controlled the forces in Germany proper. Since they weren’t, Fromm had his staff members executed before they could be interrogated. Does that look like a face capable of such barbarity and deception? Fromm dramatically declared before his execution, “I did what I did for my country.”

This is Adolph having a Fromm moment. Adolf practiced his dramatics in front of a mirror. If you saw this it would appear to be the Trinity; Fromm handled Hitler. Not only would Fromm have taken the new German Empire, he wouldn’t have had the blame for the holocaust. This was the original plan. The assassination attempt was put into motion early because of the Nazi loss at Stalingrad and the D Day landings. Fromm would liked to have taken over and sued for peace.

This is James Earl Ray, assassin of Dr Martin Luther King. He is also having a moment. Phil, that is Fromm, bragged about handling Ray. When noticed by people who could see in 1968, he claimed to have been Rommel. He did not drive a tank with a General’s rank however, he flew a desk. His buddies from Mordor have been helping him carry this false narrative, and others, ever since.

This man is also having a Phil moment.