The Strange Battle for Castle Itter

The Battle for Castle Itter is one of those overlooked, strange tales of World War II. The Austrian castle had been used by the Germans to hold prisoners of noble descent, fame or high rank. There was a guard force of Wehrmacht soldiers. The place was situated in the hills above the town of Itter (National Interest).

Two days before the German unconditional surrender, 100+ of Himmler‘s Waffen SS troops assaulted the castle. They had been ordered to execute the prisoners. The Wehrmacht soldiers and a US armored reconnaissance unit led by Captain John Lee fought alongside each other to defend the prisoners from the SS troops. They succeeded in holding the SS off long enough for reinforcements to arrive. They had received word of the defender’s plight from German Major Josef Gangl who escaped through the Waffen SS positions to deliver a plea for assistance.

Gangl was killed after he returned to the castle. He was assisting French prime minister Paul Reynaud and shot through the neck by a sniper. The US reinforcements arrived and quickly defeated the SS troops. Capt Lee was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross for gallantry.

Why did the SS troops try to execute the nobles, politicians and high ranking prisoners in the castle. Why did it even matter? The war was as good as over; the Nazis were finished.

They wanted to brainwash these successful people, own them in the future. Perhaps they would become part of the wealthy cult that would help the Controllers rise for a Fourth Reich. Fortunately Captain John Lee’s men and the Wehrmacht guards were successful in saving their souls.

Childhood is a time of vulnerability when souls reincarnate. The Controllers know this better than anyone and exploit it mercilessly. To ensure their own protection and advancement in society they have made sure they incarnate into royal families. This has continued up until their last lifetime. This is the first democracy they’ve lived in. Most of the Nazis were from German aristocracy.

The truth is, they put them through a concentration camp between lifetimes just like everyone else. Controllers put more effort into brainwashing wealthy educated people to serve. They will be treated more harshly than the common folk. This is because they will be put into powerful families. Fascist Controllers will rely on these wealthy people for protection and service. The elite think they will be protected from the treatment the Controllers and their minions give the commoners. This is not true.

To help ease their next lifetime they have always maintained two forms of religion. One, for the masses, is that of strict adherence to religious values. It is based on a sense of faith and that an all divine force watches over things. There is no reason to act – only to conform to their caste’s lifestyle. The second, for certain members of the elite, is the exact opposite. It is ruthless worship of evil but disguised. Morality is shunned, lying encouraged and the abuse of the “sheep” applauded. The Controllers set themselves up to fill the roles of “gods” to both groups.

The Controllers go to great lengths to make the wealthy and royal of these societies believe they will be protected between lifetimes. Controllers also make the nobility believe they will come back in wealthy families in their next incarnation.