Playing It Off For the Boss

The Controllers of Mordor do not want people to understand their political pundit, Phil (says he’s Erwin Rommel but isn’t) has anything to do with their less than savory tactics. They go to great effort to present this illusion; even attacking a fake Phil to appear to be enemies. Phil lived near Belllingham until 2016 and then moved to the north eastern part of the state.

They played off his connection with Wesley Alan Dodd by having him shoot up a mall near Phil’s house. They played off the connection to Robert Munger by arranging to have him killed near Phil’s second house. The Case Studies are below.

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This brings us to the point of the last 5 posts, Jeffrey Epstein’s handler was working for Phil‘s agenda – particularly apparent by attempting to gain leverage on people in Santa Fe.

How do controllers turn a law abiding upstanding soul into a child murdering sociopath. The first part is to rape him after he’s dead, just like the girls. Then groom him as a boy by “handling” him/ That is an out of body handler clinging to him; guiding his thoughts and feelings. It takes one to make one – Dodd’s handler was a child raping murderer.

Notice how they picked an enemy to use as a soul harvester, effectively destroying him and reinforcing themselves as righteous.

Melvin Purvis

This is the birth chart of Melvin Purvis (October 24, 1903 ā€“ February 29, 1960). Purvis was a famous FBI agent. He was credited with the capture or killing of Baby Face Nelson, Pretty Boy Floyd and John Dillinger. The problem was J Edgar Hoover got a little jealous of all the press Purvis was getting.

He resigned from the FBI in 1939 and practiced law. He joined the Army in WWII and attained the rank of colonel. He was an intelligence officer and was instrumental in gaining convictions of Nazi war criminals during the Nuremburg Trials.

Wesley Allan Dodd

Next is the chart of Wesley Allan Dodd (July 3, 1961 ā€“ January 5, 1993); brainwashed child molester and murderer. He was convicted and executed by hanging in 1993 for the deaths of three boys in southern Washington State. The victims are highlighted in Case Study 5 and Case Study 6.

Dodd grew up in Renton WA (King County) and had been molesting boys for most of his life. Whatever possessed him?

Arcan Cetin

Lastly is the chart of Arcan Cetin (20 August 1996 – 16 April 2016), the shooter at the Cascade Mall in Burlington, WA in 2016. Cetin was born in Turkey. His parents moved to Washington State while he was a child. Cetin hung himself in jail in 2017 after having admitted to and been convicted of the crime.

He had been taken to the northern part of the state in his next life. He was made “not gay anymore” near the place where Phil lived at the time. This was to alleviate any suspicions the fraud Rommel (who is really Fromm) had anything to do with his programming.

This is another enemy of the giant fascist Controllers of Mordor programmed between lifetimes and as a child to spread dysfunction. An out of body giant Handler guided him and controlled his mind as a child into a life of molestation. He got away with it for so long because he was useful. When Phil and Co got busted using someone to imitate his son and act like a predator of children someone had to be sacrificed. As Munger had been one of their enemies in the past he was chosen. Whether it was him or not traveling to Oregon to assist setting up Phil’s son we don’t know.

Raoul Wallenberg

This is Raoul Wallenberg (4 August 1912 ā€“ disappeared 17 January 1945). Wallenberg was a Swedish diplomat to Budapest who issued passports to, and hid, Jews on the embassy grounds. He was able to save tens of thousands of Jews from the holocaust. It was believed he had ties to US intelligence. Near the end of the war he was taken prisoner by the Soviet Union. The Kremlin issued a statement saying he had died suddenly while in custody.

There have been numerous theories about his disappearance and reported “sightings” of him in mental institutions up until 1987. Vyacheslav Nikonov was charged by the Russian government with investigating Wallenberg’s fate in 1991. “He concluded that Wallenberg died in 1947, executed while a prisoner in Lubyanka. He may have been a victim of the C-2 poison (carbylamine-choline-chloride) tested at the poison laboratory of the Soviet secret services.

Robert Munger

This man is Robert Munger (Nov 30, 1949 – June 10, 2020). Munger was a child molester from southern Washington State. He had been programmed and handled to serve the fascist Controllers as punishment for saving Jews.

During the Shit Show of the Northwest in 2017, Phil was using a molester pretending to be his son to set up the former traveling in a similar vehicle. It didn’t work. They had to arrest someone and Munger was their choice; because of his past life. We can’t say for sure he was the one being used in the setup game.

He was sentenced, at the age of 70, to 43 years in prison by the Cowlitz County court. He was transferred to a prison in Spokane County, near Phil‘s current abode. This was to play off his involvement. The brother of one of Munger’s victims was put in the same cell. He killed Munger in “Righteous retribution.”

Perhaps we should ask why Phil and Co are so busy out of body in the SW trying to set up Phil’s son rather than cleaning up their own house.