Conspiracy Theories

The last six posts have laid out a proof associating Jeffrey Epstein’s handlers with the fascist giants of Mordor and their strategist Phil. The conspiracy theorists regurgitate false accusations that say Epstein worked for Mossad. In the post Tricky Giants it was pointed out that the fascist giant propaganda machine has always liked to demonize Allan Dulles because he outed the “Protocols of the Wise Men of Zion” as a hoax.

Let’s examine some more propaganda conspiracy theories, this time dealing with child sacrifice and abuse. This kind of cult activity goes all the way back to the firstborn Jews and the firstborn Egyptians. A group of out of body sorcerers working for those playing god, and those playing god, obviously had an affinity for little boys and eagerly awaited the ability to rape them. No one said the 72 virgins would be girls.

You might find this statement offensive but look at the evidence. These Spartan, Roman soldier Derliwangers have been doing this for a long time. They are doing the same thing today right now every night in the SW. It’s the same guys, lifetime after lifetime. They are doing it with the help of their same masters= and they’re traveling from Mordor to put on their show.

As pointed out at the end of yesterday’s postPerhaps we should ask ourselves why Phil and Co are so busy out of body trying to set up his son in the SW rather than cleaning up their own house.

The answer to that should be apparent. The child murderers and child rapists also rape men and women. They rape the dead for their pervert masters. The latter focus on the victims and help the rapists win – acting like they don’t do the same things to children. They do.

Their is an old Chinese proverb. “The great master gods of Rome are perverts,” or words to that affect.

Similar to other conspiracy theories the fascist giants of Mordor cook up there are many about child sacrifice and sex rings. The fascist giants create these to blame at their enemies and to create a distraction from their own activities. The proponents of these theories are difficult to dissuade . They are often receiving this information from out of body fascists who they think are wise; angels, aliens, gods, God, or what have you. They are actually receiving the info from human liars who know how to get out of their bodies.

Tucker Carlson (Huffington Post) and Donald Trump (Independent) have both spewed these nonsensical accusations at the left. QAnon is off on a tangent about Adrenochrome, telling people it’s being harvested by Hollywood elites from kidnapped children. This is a dangerous conspiracy theory (Menshealth) full of misinformation about a fake drug that might cause people to seek it. Also, they aimed the theory at Hollywood because they don’t like the movies coming out. Of course we know ALL Hollywood movies were created by those rascally Jews!!!!

And that’s the point. These false theories are aimed at the left and Jews because Nazis don’t like liberals and Jews. It’s really that simple. We know the same thing was happening in Europe in the 1930s. We know that Wesley Alan Dodd operated in Mordor.

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