Sodom, Gibeah and NM

History repeats itself. The reason it repeats itself is because people repeat themselves, lifetime after lifetime. I’m talking about reincarnation. That is reason the Bible stories are important, and the reason they remain relevant. These same events repeat themselves today.

It is important to understand that in short stories words are not wasted.

The story of Sodom and Gomorrah are found in Genesis Bereshit 18:19 – 19:38. The story begins with the Lord proclaiming he will destroy the cities because their cries have become too great. Abraham and the Lord go to great length in a public conversation. This is to make Abraham seem not responsible and that all of the people of the city are evil before it will be destroyed.

Lott, Abraham’s nephew, lives in Sodom. He is visited by two angels who warn him to leave. Men gather around the house to rape the angels and Lott offers them his daughters instead; they threaten to rape Lott as well. The angels strike them blind. Lott leaves the city with his family. His wife looks back to Sodom and is turned to salt. Lott’s daughters have sex with him when he’s drunk and have children.

The story of Judges or Shoftim 19-21 is very similar to the story of Soddom and Gomorrah. It’s an interesting read. A Levite goes to retrieve a wife who left him from her father’s house. On their return trip they stop in Gibeah, a town of Benjaminites. Men surround the house and demand to have the male (Levite) visitor so they can rape him. The owner of the house throws out the Levite’s concubine and they rape and kill her.

The Levite finds her in the morning, cuts her body into pieces and sends one out to each of the tribes. The tribes assemble their armies and attack the Benjaminite town and destroy it. The few survivors are forgiven and allowed to steal wives from one of the tribes that didn’t show up for the war.

We can compare these two events to each other and to current events in the 4th D. For example we know the giant fascists from Mordor have gone to great lengths to make people believe that Phil‘s (the Phil that claims he was Rommel but wasn’t) son is not the same person they’ve been trying to destroy. They’ve used a number replacements to pretend they are his son and have lied about who is who. They’ve even had some of their servants move to the SW town where he lives to pretend they are him. The out of body giants come from Mordor to rape, terrorize and puppet master the people in that town. When they are present they claim to be from the targeted town.

Could it be that Lott was replaced? Lott’s wife having been forced or coerced to be with his replacement would explain a few things. Lott casually offered up his daughters to be raped. Would a father do that? Lott’s wife looked back at Sodom, also where she knew her real husband was. The fake Lott fathered children with his daughters that weren’t really his. And, of course, the real Lott’s name would be besmirched for future lifetimes.

What about the Levite from Judges? His wife “plays the whore against him” yet he travels all the way to her father’s house to take her back. When he finds her body he helps instigate a war against the Benjaminites.

During the war “the Lord” (יְהוָ֥ה) instructs the Israelites to directly assault the defenders three days in a row. On the third day he has some of them hide around a city of Benjaminites. When the assault begins the marauders attack the undefended city with it’s women and children. The Benjaminites break their line and run to help when they see the smoke. Their defense crumbles and they are defeated. Would God command such a tactic?

The Benjaminites (or infiltrators?) who are “forgiven” number 600 (66 had other missions). They sit on a rock providing them safety for four months – Judges 20:47. They are allowed to steal wives, the daughters of Shiloh, to continue their tribe. The tribe of Benjamin had been purged and taken over. It would become the new royal house and give the Jews King Saul in 1 Samuel.

More important than the characters in the stories are the fact these events happened again. The events don’t repeat every lifetime. They are similar but not exactly the same. There are unseen hands guiding and manipulating these people. The giants are repeating their life patterns – they are also just people, dying and reincarnating like everyone else. The difference; they know it and want to make sure no one else does.

John 15:18If the world hates you, you must realize that it hated me before it hated you.

Matthew 4:8Next, taking him (Jesus) to a very high mountain, the devil showed him all the kingdoms of the world and their splendor. 9 And he said to him, ‘I will give you all these, if you fall at my feet and do me homage.‘”

Consider; if one were to pass on stories in a world ruled by evil, and have them survive, how would one do it?

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