Fascist Propaganda Technique

The SS Athenia was a passenger liner that was sunk buy a German U boat on 3 September 1939. This was the same day the UK declared war on Germany for the invasion of Poland. She was enroute to Montreal with 1,103 passengers; 500 Jewish refugees, 469 Canadians, 311 Americans, 72 UK citizens, and 315 crew.

A month later the Völkischer Beobachter, the Nazi Party’s official newspaper, published an article which blamed the loss of Athenia on the UK, accusing Winston Churchill, then First Lord of the Admiralty, of sinking the ship to turn neutral opinion against Germany” – Wikipedia

The truth about the incident came out in 1946 during the Nuremburg trials. At the time of the sinking even former president Herbert Hoover bought the lie. He stated he didn’t believe the Germans had sunk the liner.

With this in mind, we know the giant Phil slipped up and let out that he had attempted to rape his son. Why then are he and his goons from Morder still attempting to get his son to confess to child molestation? Since then they’ve tried to say Phil “confessed.” He didn’t; he slipped up.

We’ve also watched Phil rape out of body women and men, one of them deceased. We’ve seen Phil and his MFs call The Bear “Phil” to pass the buck. Phil typically says he was Rommel but he wasn’t. Sometime Phil even pretends to be his son.

We also know they tried to set his son up by sending a real child molester to Oregon and got busted. In response to this they had Robert Munger (Case Study 27) arrested. He’d supposedly been getting away with these kinds of activities for decades – surrounded by these same giants.

Why do the “righteous” giants of Mordor tolerate unrighteous giants in Mordor? These other guys have rapists and child murderers running rampant? Why do they get out of their bodies and travel to the SW every day and aren’t destroying these other giants?

They don’t let anyone get out of their body unless they have something on them. They are very righteous rapists who use leverage to control others. The fascist giants blame their enemies for the crimes the fascist giants commit. In particular they blame those who know who is actually responsible.


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