Budget Battle Ended..sort of

A stop gap band-aid on the Federal Budget was signed Sunday night by President Biden; just in the nick of time. It did not include funding to continue support for Ukraine. This little bill will only keep the government operating until November 17th, a month and a half away (Politically+ on MSN).

The debt ceiling limit has been a thorn in the side of both parties. The budget gets negotiated and passed each year. When the new limit comes up it gives an opportunity to miscreants attempting to leverage a deal – by threatening to shut down the government. It’s political terrorism by a small group. It forces everyone in Congress and the White House to stop working on important issues and renegotiate everything they already worked out. It’s ridiculous.

Matt Gaetz has risen as the new Representative in charge of the diminished, but still quite vocal, alt right. These flag waving hoaxes are trying to force an agenda by threatening the paychecks of people who actually work for a living. With rehearsed monologues, replete with feigned facial expressions, Gaetz managed to get a following. It’s a following with pro-Russian sentiments.

Gaetz and his buddies make a fine addition to Vlad Putin‘s gods ongoing propaganda effort to halt US aid to Ukraine. It’s the only way he’s going to win.

Gaetz has launched an effort to remove Kevin McCarthy from his position as Speaker of the House (CNNPolitics). Hunger for power much?