Some World Leaders Weigh In on Hamas

Russian President for life and war criminal Vladimir Putin <<stated the US is partially responsible for the recent Hamas terror attack and that Israel’s seizure of Palestinian land is also to blame (YahooNews).

In other news; land in Eastern Ukraine illegally seized by Russian forces is the focus of a Ukraine counter offensive in danger of stalling because of lack of funding. A Russian missile hit a school in the Ukraine town of Nikopol killing four senior citizens (YahooNews).

Turkey’s President for life and traitor to NATO Recep Erdogan <<call’s Israel’s response to the recent Hamas terror attacks a “massacre.” He said his nation was willing to mediate for the survival of Hamas. The HUDAPAR party, a party aligned with Erdogan, met with Hamas official Bassem Naim who came to recount “the Zionist savagery” of Israel (USNews).

In other news; Turkey has continued it’s assaults on Kurdish fighters in Syria aligned with the Free Syria Army (YahooNews). The Kurds have been taking on Putin ally Bashir al-Assad << and have allied themselves with the US backed FSA. Syrian Kurds have accused Ankara of war crimes (al-Monitor). In Syria, the US has a Turkey ProblemWashington Examiner

Turkey will never recognize the Armenian GenocideForeign Policy

Nagorno-Karabach: Erdogan praises Azerbaijan as as Thousands flee to ArmeniaThe Guardian

Billionaire former Hamas leader Khaled Marshaal << has called for world wide Muslim protests in support of Gaza and for neighboring Muslim nations to join Hamas in the fight against Israel. He stated “To all scholars who teach jihad… to all who teach and learn, this is a moment for the application” (Reuters). You’d think he’d have figured out the voices in his head aren’t actually Allah’s.

Estimates around the world are that Mashaal is currently worth $2.6 billion, but the numbers mentioned by the Arab commentators (based on their many sources) are much higher, varying from $2-5 billion invested in Egyptian and Persian Gulf banks, and some in real estate projects in the Persian Gulf countries.” (Globe). He got rich with investment money stolen from humanitarian donations to Palestinians. It’s too bad the people he supposedly represents are “starving.”