History Repeats

The Derliwanger Brigade of the Waffen SS was a penal unit. This band of criminals was led by a sadistic sexual predator, Oskar Derliwanger, known as “the most evil man” in the SS. At it’s height the unit numbered over 4,000 men.

The Brigade originally consisted of convicted poachers who had their crimes pardoned by Hitler if they made the cut during training. The original 55 men selected became non-commissioned officers to train and lead the rest of the unit. The units ranks were then filled with convicted of other crimes; notably the criminally insane and homosexuals. Later they recruited volunteer Russians, Ukrainians, Uzbeks, Tadjiks, Turks and others.

The Derliwangers mission was to move into captured cities and regions, act as a guard force and root out those rebelling against Nazi rule.

According to journalist and author, Matthew Cooper, “wherever the Dirlewanger unit operated, corruption and rape formed an every-day part of life and indiscriminate slaughter, beatings and looting were rife”. Even within the brutal regime of the General Government concerns were raised about the unit’s conduct. SS police leader Friedrich-Wilhelm Krüger, who himself was a war criminal and mass murderer, was so disturbed by the unlawful behaviour of the Dirlewanger Brigade that his complaints resulted in its transfer to Byelorussia in February 1942.” Wikipedia

The Derliwanger Brigade was effective at killing and murdering civilians in conquered regions. Their fear tactics intimidated people in an effort to prevent uprisings or resistance operations. When uprisings did happen the Derliwangers went into action to forcibly suppress them. In Poland’s 1944 Warsaw Uprising the unit killed an estimated 100,000 people, including 40,000 during the Wola Massacre.

The unit’s crimes continued when it returned to Poland to help suppress the Warsaw Uprising in 1944. Crimes included the mass rape and murder of 15 Red Cross nurses and the killing of thousands of civilians. After troops entered a makeshift military hospital, they first killed the wounded with bayonets and rifle butts before gang raping the women. The naked bleeding nurses were then taken outside and hanged by their feet and shot in their stomachs. The unit would carry out cruel atrocities during the Wola massacre in which more than 40,000 Polish civilians were killed in reprisals on the direct orders of HimmlerWikipedia

The Derliwanger Brigade also took part in reprisals after Slovak National Uprising and in “anti-partisan” activities in Belarus where at least 30,000 people were raped, tortured and killed.

They didn’t do so well in actual combat. During the Soviet offensive of April 1945 their unit was pushed back, became rife with desertions and ceased to function as an actual unit.

One might ask, where are these MFs now?

Yesterday, the Times of Israel (story) published a report on the interrogation of Palestinian terrorists captured after the October 7th attack. According to the prisoners their unit was told to “kill, behead and rape” as many as they could during the assault. They said they were told to kill everyone including women and children. The IDF also shared a screening with 200 members of the foreign press video footage from bodycams the terrorists wore during the assault.

Above is a photo of Hamas militants with shiny new Russian weapons from president for life Vladimir Putin, imported compliments of Iran’s Ayatollah Khameini. It’s interesting the timing of this event coincided with major battlefield successes by Ukraine’s forces and a outdoor peace rave (NY Post).

There are an estimated 20 to 30K Hamas militants, an army created over the last 18 years of Gaza Strip self rule. What would it be like to live under Hamas rule?


This man is James Kenneth Stephen (25 February 1859 – 3 February 1892) an English poet, and tutor to Prince Albert Victor, eldest son of Albert Edward, Prince of Wales. Stephen was very tall and quite good at the Eton Wall Game that is still played at Eton College in Berkshire UK. He suffered a head injury that exacerbated his bipolar disorder.

Stephen was considered a person of interest in the Whitechapel Murders (1888) committed by the unknown assailant Jack the Ripper. It was suggested in a 1993 play; Sympathy for the Devil by Angus Graham-Campbell he may have been the culprit. Forensic psychiatrist David Abrahamsen identified Stephen as having a matching psychological profile with Jack The Ripper. He also claimed Stephen had a sexual relationship with his student Prince Albert Victor and he was an accomplice. These theories have been dismissed by many based on the travel time necessary to get from the scene to the College in time for lectures and other reasons.

Stephen was committed to a mental hospital because of his disorder. When he was informed of Prince Albert’s death from pneumonia he stopped eating and died 20 days later.

This man is Oskar Paul Dirlewanger (26 September 1895 –  7 June 1945) was a Nazi SS war criminal who served as the founder and commander of the penal unit “Dirlewanger” during World War II. Dirlewanger was a very tall man who was in dire need of a sandwich. His reputation is one of extreme sexual sadism and alcoholism. The Dirlewanger SS unit, made up of prisoners and mental patients, raped, murdered and tortured thousands of people.

Dirlewanger served in WWI and after joined the NSDAP. He received his doctorate in political science in the interwar period. It was revoked along with his party membership when he was convicted of raping a 14 year old girl. He was returned to regular party membership after his friend Gottlob Berger intervened on his behalf to Heinrich Himmler<<<. The Derlewanger SS Regiment was used to suppress ghetto and resistance uprisings. In one instance it is estimated they killed 30,000 Belarusian citizens.

During the Wola Massacre, “Dirlewanger burned three hospitals with patients inside, while the nurses were “whipped, gang-raped and finally hanged naked, together with the doctors” to the accompaniment of the popular song “In München steht ein Hofbräuhaus”. Later, “they drank, raped and murdered their way through the Old Town, slaughtering civilians and fighters alike without distinction of age or sex.Wikipedia

Oskar Derliwanger died in prison at Althausen. It is believed he was beaten to death by Polish guards.