They Thought They Were Tricky

If you’ve been following along for the last week or so you’ll understand the giant fascists of Mordor, who are just living men, are calling the shots to their subordinates. These subordinates were placed in the countries, and families, the giants wanted them to be in. The boss giants we call Controllers.

You’ve also probably figured out there’s a lot of money behind these guys. They are wealthy and white; financed by some big companies. Some companies they have infiltrated and the wealthy they have extorted for favors and cash (Case Study 7). They run around out of their bodies all day; they don’t work. Phil worked for show, to keep suspicion off of him, it’s only one lifetime.

Genesis 20:14And Abimelech took flocks and cattle and menservants and maidservants, and he gave [them] to Abraham, and he restored to him his wife Sarah.”

By now you know playing a psychic messenger of Allah requires knowledge of the Quran and the ability to speak Arabic (Playing Allah). Phil’s 12 year stint working for Aramco helped him regain those skills. Others associated with him learned Arabic in university or the military.

How do they time a terrorist attack with so many variables that work in their favor? The Oct 7th attacks distracted from the House struggle when Matt Gaetz sabotaged efforts to continue funding for Ukraine’s struggle against Vladimir Putin‘s aggression. The conflict in the Middle East also distracts from Ukraine’s advances against Russian forces (BBC).

Russian forces annexed Crimea after the ouster of Viktor Yanukovich. Putin’s full invasion didn’t come until the US midterms. The Controllers didn’t think Biden would respond they way he did, and the democrats would lose seats for failing to support Ukraine. It wasn’t magic – they simply had their man Vlad wait. Now they’ve used their man Donald T to encourage cutting funding to Ukraine and risk weakening our NATO allies to the advantage of China and Russia.

The Oct 7th Derliwanger (History Repeats) assault by Hamas terrorists was planned out long in advance. Two handlers (Can You Handle This x2) could easily have influenced the organizer of the event and the owner of the property he rented for the Nova dance event. They could also have influenced other property owners to turn the organizer down. They simply waited to give the go ahead to Ismael Haniyeh until the pieces were in place. Gaetz was on track and Ben Gvir ignored Egypt’s warning.

Of course, Hamas’ (and Phil and Co’s) hope for interference from other Arab nations hasn’t materialized. The Ayatollah Khameini has rattled sabers and Hezbollah, Iranian puppets like Hamas, have launched some rockets. It seems they are now trying to use political manipulation to stop the destruction of their beloved Derliwanger Army in Gaza. Now they need to invent some news and fake conspiracy theories to cover their tracks and blame the Jews, Masons, Rockefellers and anyone else they don’t like (Are We Being Lied To?).

Turkey’s president for life Recep Erdogan has decided to snub Israel and is saying Hamas is not a terrorist organization (Reuters). Is there any doubt the rapist pervert giants from Mordor are behind Hamas? Guess they’ll have to keep pretending they’re on Phil’s sons side and chase away those that actually are.

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